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Portable Mini Washing Machine

Portable Mini Washing Machine

Effortlessly tackle laundry day with our innovative Portable Mini Washing Machine - the perfect solution for clean clothes on-the-go.

Introducing the innovative Portable Mini Washing Machine, a powerful cleaning solution for your clothes on-the-go. This compact and lightweight machine allows you to effortlessly wash garments such as socks and underwear in no time. With its semi-automatic functionality, washing clothes has never been easier. Designed specifically for convenience and mobility, this portable mini washing machine weighs less than 2 kg and is made entirely of durable plastic material. Its manual drainage system ensures hassle-free water discharge after each use. Powered by an efficient 85w motor with pure copper induction technology, it guarantees exceptional performance that exceeds expectations. With dimensions of 33CM*33CM*66CM, this versatile mini washing machine comes in four stylish colors – white, pink, purple, and blue – adding a touch of elegance to any space. Equipped with a generous 10L capacity drum, it accommodates various clothing items while maintaining excellent cleanliness standards at all times. Manufactured by Kemei in Mainland China under stringent quality control measures and CE certification guidelines ensure reliability and durability are prioritized every step of the way. For added convenience, this portable mini washing machine includes essential accessories such as a sterilization cover for optimal cleanliness maintenance as well as an instruction manual to guide users through seamless operatioAdditionally,ally provided is an adapter that enables effortless electric connec, son so you can start utilizing the features immediately upon purchase without having to worry about compatibility issues or finding additional parts elsewhere. In conclu, thisthis Portable Mini Washing Machine surpasses expectations with its practica, ty ,impressive specificat, and,and user-friendly des Its.Its abilityspotlesslean clothes without compromising portability makes it an ideal choice for those always on the m WithWith its sleek appear, variousious color opt, durableable b, and,and thoughtful det, its,it promises both style and substa Chooseoose efficiency; choose long-lasting freshness - Choose our Portable Mini Washing Machine today!

  • Efficient and Convenient: The Portable Mini Washing Machine allows you to effortlessly clean clothes, socks, and underwear on the go
  • Lightweight and Compact: Weighing less than 2 kg and measuring just 33CM*33CM*66CM, this all-plastic semi-automatic washing machine is easily portable
  • Easy to Use: With manual drainage, water temperature adjustment, a pure copper induction motor (85w power), and a 10L capacity
  • Washing clothes has never been simpler

Bring your Portable Mini Washing Machine on the go to clean your socks and underwear--perfect for washing clothes on the move!

Product Name: Mini Washing Machine

Degree of automation: semi-automatic

Washing kilograms: less than 2kg

Box material: plastic

Inner barrel material: all plastic

Drainage method: manual

Power: 85w

Water temperature adjustment range: 60°

Motor type: pure copper induction motor

Product weight: 4.5 (KG)

Product size: 33CM*33CM*66CM

Color: white, pink, purple, blue

Standard capacity: 10L

Brand Name: Kemei


Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Degree of automation: semi-automatic

Washing kilograms: less than 2kg

Box material: plastic

Inner barrel material: all plastic

Drainage method: manual

Packing list:

1*mini washing machine

1*sterilization cover




An electric portable mini washing machine that goes anywhere with you; wash your clothes and save space,money and water; 10 Liter capacity

CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE - do your laundry anywhere; the lightweight design includes carrying handle for easy transportation and stores away discretely when not in use; no need to connect to a water source

CLEAN CLOTHES, QUICKLY - featuring a timer that runs for up to 15 minutes and Hi / Lo program settings for your laundry washing requirements; delivers reliably clean clothes whenever and wherever you need them

IDEAL for apartment living, seniors, college student dorm rooms, condos, RVs, boats, camping and guest houses; a great alternative to hand washing your laundry or making trips to the laundromat

HOW TO USE - it is as simple as 1-2-3; plug-in Wonder Washer, fill with laundry, add soap, water and close lid. Set timer up to 15 minutes and select hi or lo wash setting depending on load; follow enclosed instruction manual carefully.

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