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Portable Fresh Cup Juicer Machine

Portable Fresh Cup Juicer Machine

Unlock the power of healthy and delicious juices with our Portable Fresh Cup Juicer Machine - your ultimate blend of convenience, efficiency, and exceptional taste.

Introducing the innovative Portable Fresh Cup Juicer Machine, a game-changer in the world of healthy living. This powerful and efficient electric blender mixer boasts an impressive 800ml capacity, allowing you to create delicious smoothies and juices on-the-go. Its round charging port adds convenience to your life as it effortlessly charges up for another round of nutrient-packed goodness. With its pulp container volume ranging from 0.5L to 1L, this juicer machine ensures no precious fiber goes to waste while delivering exceptional efficiency. Powered by a motor that operates at a remarkable rating of 20001-22000Rpm, it effortlessly pulverizes fruits and vegetables into mouth-watering concoctions packed with vitamins and minerals. Designed with utmost thoughtfulness, this juicer's shape of the charging port is meticulously crafted as round - ensuring easy connection every time you need some refreshing nourishment. With a power output below 200W, this energy-efficient marvel hails from the reputable origin - Main itself! Boost your vitality today with the Portable Fresh Cup Juicer Machine - revolutionize your health one sip at a time!

  • Experience exceptional efficiency with the powerful motor of our Portable Fresh Cup Juicer Machine, delivering healthy and delicious juices and smoothies effortlessly.
  • Maximize your fruit and vegetable intake with the 800ML capacity juicer machine, ensuring you have enough juice to stay refreshed throughout the day.
  • Benefit from a large pulp container that can hold up to 1L volume, minimizing interruptions during your juicing sessions for added productivity

Portable Kitchen Fresh-Juice Cup Electric Blender Mixer - 800ML Capacity Juicer Machine - Delicious Smoothie Juicer! It's a great way to make healthy, delicious juices and smoothies quickly and easily. The powerful motor, round charging port, and pulp container offer exceptional efficiency and convenience. Get ready to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables!) of your labor!

Shape of Charging Port: Round

Rating (Rpm): 20001-22000Rpm

Pulp Container Volume: 0.5L-1L

Power (W): <200W

Origin: Mainland China

Laying Method: Mini

Housing Material: Stainless Steel

Function: Automatic Pulp Ejection

Cup Body Material: Stainless Steel

Charging Port Shape: Round

Capacity: 500-1000ml

Brand Name: BIAONU

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

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