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Portable Cosmetic Makeup Storage Bag

Portable Cosmetic Makeup Storage Bag

This polyester makeup bag from ALAZA, originating from Fujian, China, offers a spacious and organized solution for your cosmetics.

Measuring 11 x 10.2 x 3.5 inches, it features a large compartment with six adjustable partitions, allowing you to customize the storage space for different cosmetics.

The bag's unique design includes six additional pockets in the cover for makeup brushes or other items. It's a convenient and stylish choice to carry all your makeup essentials effortlessly

Use Cases:

  • Worry-Free Travel: Organize your personal care products and makeup neatly for both short or extended trips.
  • Daily Use: Keep your essential makeup items easily accessible for your daily routine.
  • At-Home Storage: Organize your makeup collection at home for a clear view and easy access to all your products.


Certainly! This versatile cosmetic bag boasts a unique design featuring a hard partition with adjustable dividers, allowing seamless organization of various cosmetics during travel or daily use. With ample space and clever pockets, it provides easy access to your makeup essentials. Crafted from durable polyester, this bag offers a convenient and stylish solution for makeup storage and travel needs.

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