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Portable Blender Bottle

Portable Blender Bottle

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of culinary innovation, there emerged a revolutionary product known as the Portable Blender Bottle. This ingeniously designed gadget was more than just an ordinary blender - it was a portable powerhouse that transformed mundane ingredients into delectable concoctions at lightning speed. With its sleek and compact design, this fresh juice blender became an essential companion for those on-the-go who craved the goodness of freshly squeezed orange juice or smoothies bursting with vitality. Its accompanying cup ensured convenience and portability, making it effortless to satisfy one's cravings for refreshing beverages anytime, anywhere. Equipped with state-of-the-art mixers and electric blending technology, this remarkable device boasted unparalleled efficiency in crushing ice and grinding fruits into creamy perfection. The blend of power and precision left no room for inconsistency; each sip delivered an explosion of flavors that tantalized taste buds like never before. From morning rituals to afternoon pick-me-ups or post-workout rejuvenation sessions, the Portable Blender Bottle effortlessly catered to all lifestyles with its versatility. With every whirr and hum emanating from this marvelously crafted appliance, you could almost hear your taste buds rejoicing at the thought of revitalizing elixirs waiting to be created. Embrace convenience without sacrificing quality - succumb to temptation today by adding the extraordinary Portable Blender Bottle to your collection of kitchen essentials!

  • Experience the convenience of a portable blender bottle, allowing you to enjoy fresh juice on-the-go
  • With its powerful mixers electric blender, effortlessly create smooth and nutritious beverages in seconds
  • Embrace a healthier lifestyle with our portable blender bottle
  • The ultimate solution for enjoying fresh juices anywhere, anytime

1000ML Portable Blender Bottle 70W Powerful Fresh Juice Blender 2 In 1 Accompanying Cup Orange Juicer Mixers Electric Blender

voltage: ≤36V

speed: 12000 rpm and below

capacity: 801mL (inclusive) - 1000mL (inclusive)

brand: other

With or without display screen: nothing

Whether it is a food-grade material: be

Style Classification: Tumbler

Power (W): 75W

Power: 200W and below

Origin: Mainland China

Maximum speed of juicer: 12000 rpm and below

Maximum juice output at one time: 401mL(inclusive)-600mL(inclusive)

Liner material: Plastic

Item number: MR9802 juice glass

Function: squeeze juice

Cutter head type: Single cutter head

Certification: CE

Built in battery or not: Built-in battery

Brand Name: MDUG

Body material: Plastic

Additional features: Portable charging, automatic cleaning

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