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High-Quality Pop-Up Toothpick Dispenser for Convenient Dining

High-Quality Pop-Up Toothpick Dispenser for Convenient Dining

Effortlessly elevate your dining experience with our innovative pop-up toothpick dispenser - the perfect combination of convenience, durability, and style.

Introducing the innovative Pop-up Toothpick Dispenser, a must-have item for any home organizer or kitchen enthusiast. Made from high-quality and food-grade PP materials, this automatic toothpick dispenser is not only safe but also incredibly strong and durable. The exquisite workmanship ensures a product that is built to last. With its large capacity, this hand-pressed toothpick container can hold numerous toothpicks at once, making it convenient for everyday use. The easy-to-use design features an automatic press type mechanism that allows for effortless one-hand operation. The transparent dust-proof cover made from healthy PP materials ensures hygiene while keeping the remaining amount of toothpicks clearly visible. The Pop-up Toothpick Dispenser boasts rounded corners for added safety and a transparent closed lid that prevents dust accumulation. Each package includes everything you need to get started with your organizing journey in the kitchen or anywhere else you desire. Say goodbye to scattered toothpicks and hello to functionality with this reliable and stylish product!

  • Convenient and hygienic toothpick storage solution with a large capacity for easy access
  • Crafted with high-quality, food-grade PP materials ensuring durability and safety in the kitchen
  • One-hand operation design allows for effortless dispensing of toothpicks while preventing dust accumulation
  • The transparent closed lid and rounded corners provide a sleek look while keeping track of remaining toothpicks easily visible

Pop-up Toothpick Dispenser Toothpick Holder Automatic Toothpick Dispenser Hand Pressed Toothpick Container Box Dispenser Holder Home Organizer. Kitchen Organizers. Toothpick Holders and Dispensers 

Origin: Mainland China

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Name: Toothpick Holder

Product material: pp

Product colour: dark green, light green

Size: 8.5*6cm/3.34*2.36in

Features: storage / storage

Applicable: home/restaurant


High-quality material: The toothpick holder is made of a strict selection of food-grade PP materials, which is safe, strong durable and feels more secure to the touch.

Exquisite Workmanship: The toothpick dispenser is equipped with exquisite workmanship design, which is smoothly polished so that the edges are elegant and there are no picks.

High Capacity: The toothpick dispenser is equipped with an ultra-small body design with a large capacity, which is convenient for storage and can hold about 380 toothpicks at a time.

Easy to use: The automatic toothpick box is equipped with an automatic press type design, which is easy to use, and the one-hand operation makes it easy to pick up toothpicks.

Transparent Dust-proof Cover: The automatic toothpick holder has a split design, which is a simple and lightweight luxury, and it is equipped with a transparent dust-proof cover, and you can easily see the remaining capacity of the toothpick.

Healthy PP materials, from the selection of raw materials to a large number of colour tests, to the mould opening, every detail is strictly controlled to make a high-quality toothpick holder.

Transparent closed lid, the remaining amount is clearly visible, Effectively preventing dust from entering. In the toothpick storage box, one toothpick appears when pressed at a time, thus avoiding cross-contamination.

Press the top and a toothpick pop-out, this toothpick holder's lid can be removed for cleaning, and All sharp edges were treated with Rounded corners for safety.

Package includes:

1 pcs × toothpick dispenser