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Pop-up mosquito-net

Pop-up mosquito-net

Sleep tight, not mosquito-bite with our innovative pop-up net - the ultimate solution for a peaceful and bug-free slumber.

As a nature-lover, I couldn't wait to go camping in the deep woods. But as soon as night fell, the mosquitoes descended upon me like an army of tiny vampires. I tried everything from citronella candles to bug spray, but nothing worked until I discovered the Pop-up mosquito net. With its Bottomless and Single Door design, it was easy for me to set up inside my tent and kept out every single mosquito, allowing me to enjoy a peaceful sleep without any buzzing or itching. The Bed Canopy feature also made it perfect for indoor use at home when those pesky insects start flying around at night. And once I was done using it, the Foldable Mosquito Net packed up easily into its compact size so that I could take with me wherever my adventures took me! Say goodbye to all your mosquito-related problems by ordering now!

  • The Popup mosquito net is a convenient and effective solution to keep mosquitoes away while sleeping, thanks to its bottomless design that fits around the bed
  • With a single door opening, this mosquito net makes it easy to enter and exit without letting any insects in
  • As a bed canopy, this versatile product adds an elegant touch to any bedroom decor while providing much needed protection against pesky bugs during the night

Pop-up mosquito net Foldable Bottomless Mosquito Net Kids Dormitory Home Easy To Install Encrypted Single Door Mosquito Net Bed Canopy Camping Tent. Mosquito Nets & Insect Screens.


Type: Mosquito Nets & Insect Screens 

Dimension: width × length × height cm

80 × 190 × 80 (suitable for 1.0m bed) 

100 × 190 × 80 (for 1.2m beds)

135 × 190 × 80 (applicable to 1.5m bed) 

160 × 190 × 80 (suitable for 1.8m bed) 

style: Other

Type: Single-door

Processing and customization: yes

Origin: Mainland China

Number of open doors: Open the door alone

Material: Polyester fiber (polyester)

Material: 100% Polyester

Do you support one consignment: Support

Color.: Navy, pink, blue, camel

Category.: Mosquito nets/curtains

Bracket material: Fiberglass tube

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