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Plastic Wrap Cutter

Plastic Wrap Cutter

Xiaomi Professional Plastic Wrap Cutter Cling Film Cutting Box Wall-mounted Suction Cup Adjustable Plastic Wrap Cutter Home Kitchen Food Storage


State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Cling Film Cutting

Size: A, B, C type 365 * 51* 74 mm

D extended type 373 * 61 * 84mm

Function: Suction cup wall hanging

Color: White

Material: ABS+steel pipe

Applicable Plastic Wrap Size: 30cm * 30M   30cm * 60M 

Certification: CE

Brand Name: Xiaomi


Product survey: many people cut plastic wrap by hand, with a knife, or with scissors. Some don't even use the plastic wrap because of the hassle of tearing it up (tangles and waste).

And some use traditional plastic wrap dispensers, many comments that the cutter tab broke, they usually replace it, sometimes they scratch their hands. Our dispenser is an easier to cut plastic wrap, safe to use, durable, lightweight, provides effortless precision cutting. It is very useful

New design and size: modern + fashion + simplicity, hidden cutter head two-way cutter button, micro suction cup bottom, magnetic adsorption, good clean texture and groove design, brighten up the kitchen decoration.

High-quality: made of abs material, resistant to high and low temperatures, durable, healthy, environmental protection, non-toxic and odorless.

Two-way sliding cut button, pull out the amount of wrap you want, you can cut it from left to right or right to left smoothly without using dangerous saw blade or scissors.

The little cutter cuts it perfectly, it doesn't fold or stick on the plastic of the plate. It can last a long lifetime for home use.

Easy to use and time saver: our dispenser is attractive and easy to use.

It can not only cut plastic film, but also can cut aluminum foil.

You can interchange both in this dispenser. Gently to cut. It will help you prepare or clean a kitchen quickly and efficiently.

Perfectly even cuts 99% of the time. Also, it easily fits in a kitchen drawer, the 16 suction cups at the bottom of this dispenser work great - they can fix your kitchen counter, smooth desk, refrigerator, etc.

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