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Multilayer Mobile Closet

Multilayer Mobile Closet

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Barcode: 69683032

ID: 8350085022040

Optimize your childrens bedroom space with our innovative Multilayer Mobile Closet - a patent-pending storage solution for toys, clothes, and more!

Introducing the Multilayer Mobile Closet, an innovative storage solution designed specifically to cater to the needs of children's bedrooms. With its clever multilayer design and a range of organizer drawers and storage boxes, this closet ensures that all your child's belongings are conveniently organized and easily accessible. The suspension design, equipped with mobile pulleys, allows for effortless mobility, so you can effortlessly move it around as needed. Crafted with utmost attention to detail, this mobile closet features a vibrant cartoon theme with double doors and side pylons for added visual appeal. Offering three layers of storage space in a patent-protected storage cabinet, it is perfect for storing toys, sundries or even changing clothes. Manufactured using premium quality PP material from mainland China, each layer can be combined or used alone based on your specific requirements. The Multilayer Mobile Closet caters to different price segments while maintaining exceptional trade attributes such as durability and longevity. Yeya has ensured that every aspect of this product has been thoroughly tested before bringing it into the market. With wide-ranging scope of application including homes and playrooms alike, don't miss out on making this smart investment in organizing your child's possessions effectively. Each package contains multiple units at an affordable price point measured in yuan - truly value for money!

  • Efficient Organization: The Multilayer Mobile Closet provides ample storage space with its multiple layers and organizer drawers, allowing children to neatly store their toys, clothes, and other sundries
  • Convenient Mobility: Featuring a mobile pulley design, this closet can be easily moved around the bedroom for flexible placement and accessibility
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality PP material and patented suspension design, the Multilayer Mobile Closet ensures long-lasting durability and stability for storing heavier items

Children Bedroom Closet Organizers Multilayer Storage Boxes Suspension Design Organizer Drawers Mobile Pulley Storage Case

style: Cartoon

specification: Double door + side pylon; Three layers of drawers

patent: no

category: Storage cabinet

brand: Yeya

Weight: 13.75kg; 3.7kg

Trade attribute: Domestic trade+foreign trade

Time to market: 2020

Scope of application: Toys, sundries, change of clothes, other

Product category: Storage cabinet

Price segment: 50-60 yuan

Place of Origin: other

Packing quantity: 1

Origin: Mainland China

Material: PP

Layer numbers,: Can be combined or used alone

Installation method: Landmark

Imported or not: no

Gross weight: 13.75kg; 3.7kg

Feature: storage case

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Feature: Closet organizers

Feature: Storage boxes

Feature: Organizer drawers

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