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Multifunctional Wall Tissue Box

Multifunctional Wall Tissue Box

Discover the epitome of elegance and modernity with our multifunctional wall tissue box. A refined and sleek design that adds a polished look to any bathroom organization

Introducing our elegantly designed Multifunctional Wall Tissue Box, a refined and modern addition to any bathroom organization. This multifunctional shelf features a creative sliding door tissue box, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Designed to be wall-mounted with plastic shelves, this sleek accessory boasts a monochromatic design for a polished look in any setting. With its transparent blue or transparent gray options, this small yet versatile product can effortlessly hold an innumerable amount of tissues while adding style to your space. Crafted from durable plastic and stainless steel materials sourced from mainland China, this triple-tiered corner piece is built to last. Additionally, thanks to its removable tissue holder surface finishing in bronze, maintenance is made easy for everyday convenience

  • Enhance bathroom organization with our sleek and modern multifunctional wall tissue box, featuring a creative sliding door design
  • Add an elegant touch to your bathroom decor with our refined monochromatic wall-mounted tissue box, complete with stylish plastic shelves
  • Enjoy the convenience of a polished and sophisticated look in your bathroom with our multifunctional wall tissue box, available in transparent blue or gray
  • Maximize space efficiency in your bathroom with our innovative triple-tiered corner shelf design, allowing for easy access to tissues while keeping them neatly organized

Elegant and refined, this modern, multifunctional shelf reveals a creative sliding door tissue box which can be wall-mounted and its plastic shelves stacked for effortless bathroom organization. With a sleek, monochromatic design, it's a subtle way to maintain a polished look while ensuring all your products are close at hand.

Product name multifunctional wall tissue box

Material: plastic

Color: transparent blue transparent gray

Product size: small: 20 * 15.5 * 14cm



Type: Bathroom Shelves

Shelf Material: Stainless Steel

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Tiers: Triple Tier

Mounted: CORNER

Material: Removable tissue

Install Style: Wall Mounted Type

Holder Surface Finishing: Bronze

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