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Multifunctional Boiled Egg Steamer

Multifunctional Boiled Egg Steamer

Experience the ultimate breakfast convenience with SAINTCIAGAs Multifunctional Boiled Egg Steamer - a fantastic household device for perfectly steamed eggs and more.

Introducing the extraordinary Multifunctional Boiled Egg Steamer, a truly remarkable household appliance designed to elevate your breakfast experience. This fantastic product boasts an array of innovative features for all your egg-steaming needs. With its automatic power-off function, you can confidently achieve the perfect soft boiled eggs without any worry. Hailing from Mainland China and backed by the reputable brand name SAINTCIAGA, this steamer guarantees exceptional quality and performance. Its multi-functional design allows you to effortlessly steam not only eggs but also create delightful treats such as egg custard and yogurt. The capacity of this egg-boiler ensures that you can prepare multiple servings in one go, making it ideal for busy mornings or hosting gatherings with friends and family. Available in both sleek white and elegant wine red color classifications, this reliable steamer delivers optimum results every time while adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen decor. Don't miss out on experiencing the convenience and versatility provided by the Multifunctional Boiled Egg Steamer – a true culinary game-changer!

  • Versatile Household Helper: With its multi-functional design, this egg steamer can also be used to make delectable egg custard, steam vegetables or even prepare yogurt
  • High Capacity and Stylish Design: Available in white or wine red color classifications, this SAINTCIAGA branded steamer boasts ample capacity for boiling multiple eggs at once while adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen countertop

Boiled Egg Steam Eggs Automatic Power off Household Multi-Functional Boiled Fantastic Product Soft Boiled Egg Spring Breakfast

Voltage (V): 220V

Power (W): 250w

Origin: Mainland China

Function: Steamed steamed egg custard boiled egg yogurt

Egg-boiler capacity: 4 pieces-6 pieces

Color classification: White wine red

Capacity: 4-6


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