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Multi Clip Drying Rack

Multi Clip Drying Rack

Experience the ultimate convenience with our Multi Clip Drying Rack - the perfect solution for organizing your underwear, scarves, and more

Introducing the Multi Clip Drying Rack, an ingenious solution for your laundry drying needs. This versatile product serves as both an underwear hanger and a clothesline, allowing you to maximize space while efficiently air-drying your garments. With its innovative design and thoughtful features, this product is bound to become a staple in any laundry room or wardrobe. Equipped with convenient wall adhesive, the Multi Clip Drying Rack can be easily mounted on any smooth surface without leaving any unsightly marks or damaging your walls. Its foldable design allows for seamless storage when not in use, making it perfect for compact living spaces or those looking to minimize clutter. What sets this drying rack apart from others are its multipurpose clip holders that securely grip various items such as scarves and socks – ensuring they stay put while drying. With durability at the forefront of its construction, this product guarantees long-lasting performance even under heavy loads of wet clothing. Choose the Multi Clip Drying Rack today and revolutionize how you dry your laundry effortlessly and efficiently

  • The Multi Clip Drying Rack, also known as an Underwear Hanger, offers a space-saving solution for air-drying delicate garments like lingerie and scarves
  • With its versatile design, this Clothesline alternative can be easily mounted on any wall surface using strong adhesive, ensuring stability and durability
  • The Foldable feature of the Multi Clip Drying Rack allows for convenient storage when not in use, making it ideal for those with limited space or frequent travelers
  • Equipped with multiple Scarf Holders, this innovative drying rack provides efficient organization and prevents tangling while allowing ample airflow to ensure quick drying times

Underwear Hanger Clothesline Wall Adhesive Foldable Scarf Holders, Hanger with multiple installation clips without holes. Laundry Supplies. Drying Racks & Hangers 

Type: Drying Racks & Hangers 

Origin: Mainland China

Is Foldable or Not: Yes

Is Extendable or Not: Yes

Installation Type: Wall Mounted


Material:ABS Plastic

Size Chart:

Hanger Bar Size:36.5x2.5cm/14.37x0.98inch

Hanger Length:30cm/11.81inch


Made of high-quality ABS plastic material, durable and strong.

This hanger has 3 dual bar, 24 hooks can hang your clothes, keep the clothes in good condition and look neat and orderly.

Suitable for organizing your bra, camisole, bra, swimsuit, scarf or tights, hat, baby clothes, diapers etc.

Foldable design, save space and make your room more tidy.

Free-drill installation, strong adhesive and waterproof. Very suitable for home, bathroom, dormitory, wardrobe, closet.

Package Includes:

1 Piece Hanger


It will be better to wait 48 hours before hanging the items after installation.