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Mini Semiconductor Cooling Fan

Mini Semiconductor Cooling Fan

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Stay cool and connected on-the-go with our innovative USB-powered Mini Semiconductor Cooling Fan. Experience the power of 3-speed wind, digital display, and water-shortage power-off protection in a portable package.

Introducing the Mini Semiconductor Cooling Fan, a compact and efficient solution for your cooling needs. This USB-powered fan is both portable and versatile, making it the perfect companion for camping trips or travels. Equipped with a digital display, this small fan allows you to easily monitor its operating status and adjust settings accordingly. With a power output of 3W and two battery options (1200/3600mAh), this air cooling fan delivers refreshing breezes wherever you go. Designed with convenience in mind, this mini fan features three-speed wind settings that cater to your personal comfort preferences. The mute function ensures peaceful surroundings while providing much-needed relief from high temperatures. Its detachable base offers flexibility as it can be used either as a handheld fan or placed on any desktop surface. Safety is also prioritized with the water-shortage power-off protection feature that automatically switches off when water levels are low, preventing potential damage caused by overheating. Made from durable ABS/PP materials combined with electronic components, this product guarantees long-lasting performance. Choose from an array of stylish colors including blue, white, and pink to match your personal aesthetic preference seamlessly. Whether you need an electric fan at home or during outdoor adventures, the Mini Semiconductor Cooling Fan powered by USB is here to provide reliable cooling solutions throughout hot summer days

  • Stay Cool Anywhere: This portable USB fan provides refreshing air circulation during camping trips and travels
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Enjoy a peaceful environment with the mute function of this small handheld fan
  • Convenient Power Source: With its USB power supply, this electric fan can be easily connected to your home or computer
  • Versatile Design Options: Choose from three attractive colors (blue, white, pink) to match your style preference

USB Portable Small Fan Digital Display 3W 1200/3600mAh Air Cooling Fan Mini 3-speed Wind Mute Detachable Base for Camping Travel

Water-shortage Power-off Protection: No

Handheld Fan: Desktop Fan

Air Cooling Fan: Electric Fan

Fan Speed: Third Gear

Power Source: USB

Usage: Home

Model Number: Handheld Fan

Product material: ABS/PP/electronic components

Speed level: 3 gears

Color (optional): Blue, White, Pink

Battery capacity (optional): Upgrade 3600mAh, Normal 1200mAh

Power: 3W


1 x Handheld Fan

1 x Charging Cable

Working time: 5 -16 hours

Product size: About 58x78x160MM/2.28x3.07x6.3in

Product net weight: 300G

Voltage (V): 5V

Usage: Home

Type: Cooling Only

Timing Function: No Timing

Rotary Vane Quantity: Without Vane

Reverse Rotating Function: No

Remote Control Function: No

Power Source: USB

Power (W): 5w

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Handheld Fan

Max. Timing Limit: No Timing

Max. Power: <20W

Material: Plastic

Installation: Pedestal

Handheld Fan: Desktop Fan

Fan Speed: Third Gear

Brand Name: alloet

Air Cooling Fan: Electric Fan


  1. Handheld & Desktop: This air cooling fan is both a convenient outdoor handheld fan and a stable hands-free fan indoors on desks and desks.
  2. USB Charging: The upgraded version of the fan has a built-in 3600mAh (or 1200mAh regular version) large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery to ensure a longer use time.
  3. 3-speed Adjustable Wind Speed: The handheld fan quietly provides a gentle breeze at low speed. Medium speed provides cool wind and high speed creates powerful air to help cool you down in seconds.
  4. Upgraded Model with Refrigeration Ice Sheet: The desktop fan has a built-in semiconductor cooling chip, the surface is stainless steel, brushed and polished, clean, and the cooling experience is better.
  5. LED Display Screen: Digital display mobile phone bracket fan cold light display, power, gear, charging and other functions display.

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