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Mini rice cooking pot boiler

Mini rice cooking pot boiler

Introducing our cutting-edge Mini Electric Rice Cooker: a versatile pot boiler that guarantees flawlessly cooked rice, noodles, oatmeal, and more. Crafted with an aluminum alloy body for optimal heat distribution and a non-stick ceramic liner for easy cleaning. With a generous capacity of 1.5L and a power output of 350w, this compact cooker is perfect for any kitchen. Its insulation function keeps your food warm while the mainland China-certified construction ensures safety and reliability. Experience the convenience of controlled cooking with our innovative Mini Electric Rice Cooker today!

In the bustling markets of mainland China, an extraordinary invention took the culinary world by storm - the Mini Electric Rice Cooker. This kitchen marvel, crafted with precision using high-quality aluminum alloy and a non-stick ceramic liner, revolutionized the way meals were prepared. Its sleek design and compact size made it a must-have for every cooking enthusiast. But this mini rice cooker was not limited to just cooking rice. With its versatile functionality, it could effortlessly whip up mouthwatering noodles or warm and hearty oatmeal. And let's not forget its insulation feature that kept food warm for longer periods, perfect for those busy days when time was scarce. Equipped with a powerful 350w heating method and energy-efficient controls, this mini cooker provided users complete control over their cooking process while delivering consistent and delicious results every single time. Whether you're a seasoned chef or someone just starting their culinary journey, this mini electric rice cooker is sure to become your new favorite kitchen companion. So why wait? Elevate your culinary skills today with this trusted brand name in mini rice cookers. Don't miss out on this opportunity to bring convenience and versatility into your kitchen arsenal – order yours now!

  • Enhanced Culinary Versatility: The Mini Electric Rice Cooker's multifunctional design allows for the preparation of noodles, oatmeal, and various dishes with ease
  • Superior Heat Retention: Crafted with an insulation feature and energy label certification, this pot maintains optimal temperature while minimizing electricity usage
  • Long-lasting Durability: Constructed from high-quality aluminium alloy and equipped with a non-stick ceramic liner, this cooking pot ensures years of reliable use
  • Convenient Cooking Experience: With its

Mini Electric Rice Cooker Boiler Patting pot Noodles Porridge Insulation Aluminium Alloy Non Stick 1.5L 350w

product size: 210x210x192mm

Power (W): 350W

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Ceramic

Liner: 1.2mm alloy Ceramic non stick liner

Heating Method: Underpan Heating

Function: Non-Stick Coating Inner Pot

Function: Rice Cooking

Function: Porridge/Soup

Function: Heat Preservation

Energy Label: Grade 3

Controlling Mode: Mechanical Timer Control

Certification: CCC

Capacity: 1.5L

Brand Name: Dani Zhang

Application: 1-2 people