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Mini Perfume Atomizer

Mini Perfume Atomizer

Mini Perfume Atomizer - Your Fragrance, Your Way

Never be without your signature scent! Our Mini Perfume Atomizer is the perfect solution for taking your favorite perfumes on the go. This sleek and compact bottle is made of durable aluminum, ensuring your fragrance stays safe and secure during your travels.

Key Features:

  • Portable & Lightweight: Easily fits in your purse, pocket, or travel bag, making it ideal for everyday use and travel.
  • Refillable & Leakproof: Refill with your preferred perfume and trust the leakproof design to prevent spills or waste.
  • Fine Mist Spray: Delivers a fine mist of fragrance for even and controlled application.
  • Durable Aluminum Construction: Protects your perfume from light and other external factors that can degrade its quality.
  • Available in Two Sizes: Choose between 5ml or 8ml capacity to suit your needs.


  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Size: 5ml (80mm x 16.5mm) or 8ml (106mm x 17.5mm)
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Model Number: CY029
  • Item Type: Refillable Bottles
  • Material: Aluminum

How to Use:

  1. Remove the nozzle from your perfume bottle.
  2. Place the atomizer tube over the perfume bottle's spray opening.
  3. Pump the atomizer repeatedly until it is full.
  4. Important Note:

    Before first use, please press the nozzle a few times to expel the air inside. Not all perfumes are compatible with this bottle. Ensure your perfume nozzle tube is at least 8mm long and no more than 4mm in diameter.

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