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Manual Washing Machine

Manual Washing Machine

Experience the simplicity of hand-washing anytime, anywhere with our mini laundry artifact for camping adventures.

The traditional ways of washing clothes might seem obsolete in the modern world, but a manual washing machine is still an essential laundry artifact for some. Introducing our minuscule, yet mighty mini-washing machine! Compact and convenient, this manual washing machine takes you back to the good old days when hand wash was a norm. It's perfect for camping trips or anyone who wants to do laundry without the use of electricity. With its simple design and easy-to-use features, it's not only environmentally friendly but also helps save on your utility bills. Our manual washing machine is ergonomically designed with durable materials, making it ideal for any outdoor adventure or home use. Its compact size makes it easy to store in tight spaces without sacrificing utility space that's needed daily. The built-in agitator provides excellent cleaning results while consuming less water than regular machines. Additionally, it enables us all to contribute positively towards environmental conservation while maintaining ultimate cleanliness standards at all times, even outside! Whether you're out camping or need fresher clothes at home after hiking through nature trails, our manual washing machine ensures they are sparkling clean – no electricity required!

  • Enjoy the Convenience of a Mini Washing Machine: A manual washing machine is a laundry artifact that makes hand-washing clothes easy and convenient, especially for camping trips.
  • Save Money and Energy with a Manual Washing Machine: With no electricity required, manual washing machines are an eco-friendly option that can help you save money on your utility bills.
  • Preserve Your Clothes with Gentle Hand Wash Cycles: Unlike traditional washers, manual washing machines offer gentle cycles that protect delicate fabrics from damage during the cleaning process.
  • Experience Greater Control Over Your Laundry Routine: With full control over water temperature and agitation levels, using a manual washing machine allows you to customize each load according to your specific needs and preferences

Mini Washing Machine Without Electricity Mini Manual Washing Machine Laundry Artifact Wash Vegetables Wash Fruits Camping No Electricity Required

depth: 340mm

Washing kg quantity: 3 kg or less

Washing Program: Hand Wash

Washing Machine Type: Other

Washing Capacity (kg): 2.1-4.5kg

Voltage (V): Other

Type: Compact

Tub No.: Other

Tub Material: Other

Power Source: Other

Power (W): Other

Packing Size: 355*355*370mm

Opening Method: Top Open

Model Number: WLXPB2L

Loading Type: Other

Installation: Other

Housing Material: Other

Gross weight: 2.5kg

Degree of automation: Semi automatic

Condition: New

Certification: CE

Brand Name: OLOEY

Automatic Type: Other

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