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Makeup Brush Set: Achieve Professional Looks at Home

Makeup Brush Set: Achieve Professional Looks at Home

14-Piece Makeup Brush Set

Soft Brushes for Powder, Foundation, Eye Shadow, and Blush, Complete with Stylish Bag or Box - Perfect Makeup Set for Girls Elevate your beauty routine with soft, luxurious brushes that provide precise coverage and an effortless application.

Achieve perfect looks every time with this exquisite set that will make you feel like a true professional. Be it a stylish bag or a sleek box, this makeup set is sure to be a conversation piece.

Item Highlights:

  1. Elastic, soft, and not easily broken. Efficient powder dipping, not easy to shake off. Soft touch and gentle breeze when brushing the face.

  2. Made from plant fiber raw material (imitating the structure of animal hair scales).

  3. Thickened aluminum tube provides excellent protection for the bristles. Double step indentation prevents fading and scratching without deformation. Durable, wear-resistant, beautiful, and textured.

  4. Wood paint scrub brush handle. Wood polishing, piano paint. Comfortable and easy to use with a touch of fashion classic.

  5. Portable PU with brush bag: Made of Yangba PU material, soft and comfortable to the touch with strong water resistance.


  • Origin: Mainland ChinaDescription:
  • Used With: Blusher, Concealer, Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, Lip, Powder, Sets & Kits, Eyelashes, Bronzer Brush, Sculpting Brush, Highlighter Brush, Eyebrow Brush
  • Item Type: Makeup Brush
  • Size: 15cm
  • Number of Pieces: Combo
  • Brush Material: Synthetic Hair, Wool Fiber
  • Handle Material: Nylon
  • Color: Silver
  • Quantity: 14pcs
  • Makeup Bag and Bucket Material: Leather

Use Cases:

  1. Everyday Makeup: The different brushes allow for precise application of daily makeup, from foundation to eye and lip detailing.

  2. Special Occasion Makeup: Ideal for creating more intricate and detailed looks for special events like weddings, parties, or formal occasions.

  3. Experimenting with Styles and Techniques: Enables experimenting with various makeup styles and trying out new techniques due to the variety of brushes available.

  4. Professional Use: Suitable for professional use in beauty salons or by makeup artists who require a diverse range of high-quality brushes.

  5. Perfect Gift: Can be an ideal gift for friends or family who love makeup and desire a versatile collection of brushes.

These examples showcase how adaptable and functional the makeup brush set is across different scenarios and for varying expertise levels in applying makeup. Whether it's for daily routines or professional artistry, this set offers versatility and quality for a range of makeup applications.

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