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LED Night Lights Alarm Clock

LED Night Lights Alarm Clock

Embrace the epitome of convenience and innovation with our LED Night Lights Alarm Clock - an all-in-one wonder blending sunrise alarm, Bluetooth speaker, wireless charger, and RGB dimmable desk lamp

Immerse yourself in the realm of advanced technology with our LED Night Lights Alarm Clock. This cutting-edge device is more than just an ordinary timepiece; it boasts an array of features that are sure to revolutionize your waking experience. Equipped with a state-of-the-art Bluetooth speaker, wireless phone charger, and RGB dimmable desk lamp, this Multifunction Sunrise Alarm Clock sets itself apart from the rest. Rise and shine gently each morning as this remarkable clock simulates a sunrise by gradually brightening the room. With its integrated Bluetooth speaker, you can effortlessly stream your favorite tunes wirelessly while preparing for the day ahead. Bid farewell to tangled cords and welcome convenience into your life with this alarm clock's wireless charging capabilities for compatible smartphones. Unleash your artistic side and create personalized ambiance with the RGB dimmable desk lamp feature, allowing you to adjust lighting according to various color palettes and intensities. Designed with intuitive controls and a sleek aesthetic appeal, our LED Night Lights Alarm Clock seamlessly blends into any decor style while becoming an indispensable asset in fostering productive mornings and tranquil nights. Don't miss out on enhancing the quality of your sleep solutions - invest in our multifunctional masterpiece today!

  • Promote Restful Sleep: The LED Night Lights Alarm Clock's simulated sunrise helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle, leading to improved sleep quality and a refreshed morning routine
  • All-in-One Functionality: With its multifunction design, this device serves as a sunrise alarm clock, Bluetooth speaker, wireless phone charger, and RGB dimmable desk lamp—offering convenience and versatility in one sleek package
  • Energize Your Mornings: Wake up feeling revitalized with the gradual light intensity increase and customizable alarm sounds of this wake-up light—an ideal way to start your day on a positive note
  • Maximize Space Efficiency: Declutter your bedside table with this compact yet feature-packed gadget that combines multiple functions without taking up

LED Night Lights Multifunction Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake Up Light Bluetooth Speaker Phone Wireless Charger RGB Dimmable Desk Lamp

Origin: Mainland China

Input Voltage : 12V/2.5A

Wireless Output: 5W/7.5W/10W/15W

LED Output : 10W

Audio Power : 3W

Material : ABS

Color : Black & White Avalivable

Lighting Mode : 256 Kinds

Transmission Distance : 2 - 6 mm

Chargubf Efficiency : 75%

Working Frequency : 100- 205KHz

Button Battery Capacity : 40mAh

Net Weight : 695g With Boxes

13. G.W Weight : 0.95kg

Product Size : 225*82*230mm

Features: With Charging Indicator,With LED Light

Connector Type: Type C

Certification: RoHS,CE

Brand Name: TAQKRED

Pack List Choose:

White With US Plug

Black With US Plug

Pls make sure which one u need befor ordering !!! Thanks u in advance ...

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