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LED Light Cabinet Lamp

LED Light Cabinet Lamp

Illuminate your space with our ultra-thin LED Light Cabinet Lamp. With PIR motion sensor and wireless design, its the perfect USB rechargeable night light for wardrobes, closets, and indoor lighting. Available in three colors and crafted from high-quality materials like aluminum alloy, PMMA, and ABS. It features an induction method that always ensures bright illumination throughout the day or sensing during dark nights. Enjoy long-lasting battery capacity with quick charging time and use it anywhere from corridors to shoe cabinets. Experience the exquisite hill projection light effect – a stylish addition to any setting!

Introducing our cutting-edge LED Light Cabinet Lamp, the epitome of innovation and functionality. This ultra-thin cabinet lamp utilizes advanced LED light technology to brighten up your space with utmost efficiency.

Equipped with a PIR motion sensor, this wireless wonder is a game-changer when it comes to indoor lighting solutions. Crafted from premium materials such as aluminum alloy, PMMA, and ABS, this cabinet lamp exudes both elegance and durability. With its sleek design available in black or silver, it seamlessly blends into any wardrobe or closet setting.

The CN (Origin) tag ensures top-notch quality that will exceed your expectations. Choose between three captivating colors - white lights for a pristine glow, warm lights for cozy ambience, or neutral light for an ideal balance. You can easily control the induction method according to your needs – always bright mode for constant illumination throughout the day or dark night sensing mode for enhanced visibility during nighttime hours.

Effortless usability is at the core of this product's design. Thanks to its USB rechargeable capability and impressive battery capacity, you can enjoy extended endurance time without worrying about frequent charging sessions.

Moreover, the charging time is minim, soso you can quickly get back to experiencing the exquisite hill projection light effect in your corridor or shoe cabinet. Upgrade your indoor lighting experience today with our remarkable LED Light Cabinet Lamp - where practicality meets sophistication like never before!

  • Experience the convenience of an ultra-thin LED light cabinet lamp with a PIR motion sensor, providing wireless and USB rechargeable night lighting for your wardrobe or closet
  • Enjoy versatile indoor lighting options with three colors
  • White lights, warm lights, and neutral light
  • In sleek black or silver aluminum alloy housing made from PMMA and ABS materials
  • Benefit from the intelligent induction method that ensures the lamp is always bright when needed, sensing both day and dark nights to conserve battery capacity while offering endurance for extended use

Ultra-thin LED Light Cabinet Lamp PIR Motion Sensor Wireless USB Rechargeable Night Light Wardrobe Closet Indoor Lighting

Origin: CN(Origin)

Item type: Cabinet Lamp

Light color: Three Colors( white lights/warm lights/Neutral light)

Shell color:Black/ Silver

Product material: Aluminum alloy + PMMA+ ABS

Induction method: Always bright/all day sensing/dark night sensing

Battery capacity:500mah /700 mah

Charging method: USB charging

Endurance time: ≥5 hours

Charging time: About 3 hours

Induction Endurance time: ≥ 60 days (Calculated according to the sensor lighting 5-8 times a day)

Use range: Wardrobe, cabinet, corridor, dark compartment, shoe cabinet, etc.


Exquisite hill projection light effect, full of style

Three-tone light + stepless brightness adjustment + multiple sensing modes, powerful function

Ultra-thin fashion design, outstanding appearance and texture

Built-in large-capacity lithium battery, sufficient brightness, long battery life/standby time

Wiring-free magnetic installation, easy to install and disassemble, suitable for multiple scenarios

Power button:

press the first button to enter always on mode

press the second time to enter night sensing mode

press the third time to enter all day induction mode

The light button:

short press and cycle to switch white light,warm light and neutral light, the brightness can be adjusted by pressing the light on for a long time.