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Kitchen Sink Strainer Basket

Kitchen Sink Strainer Basket

Introducing the Kitchen Sink Strainer Basket: an elegantly designed food catcher and waste filter, proudly certified by CIQ in Mainland China. Made from durable pp material, this 22.5*15.5*7.6 cm basket comes in vibrant orange, dark blue, and light blue colors. It effectively filters food debris, washes fruits and vegetables, stores sponges and brushes while its hollow design with small holes ensures quick drainage without blockages. Innovative functionality for your kitchen sink!

Introducing the Kitchen Sink Strainer Basket, a must-have addition to any well-equipped kitchen sink. This innovative food catcher is designed to efficiently filter kitchen waste, ensuring that your drain remains unobstructed, and your pipes remain clean. Crafted with an elegant design and manufactured in Mainland China under rigorous quality standards, this strainer basket boasts CIQ certification for added peace of mind. Made from durable pp material and measuring 22.5*15.5*7.6 cm in size, it fits snugly into most standard sink drains. Available in three vibrant colors - orange, dark blue, and light blue - this Kitchen Sink Drain Basket effortlessly blends functionality with style. Equipped with small holes arranged in a hollow design, this drain basket effectively filters food particles and debris without compromising water flow or drainage speed. Conveniently wash vegetables and fruits or store sponges, dishwashing brushes, and soap within the spacious confines of this versatile accessory. With its quick-draining capability, the risk of blockage is significantly reduced, giving you uninterrupted use even during heavy-duty dishwashing sessions. Improve the efficiency of your daily tasks while keeping your kitchen neat, clean,and hygienic. Choose the Kitchen Sink Strainer Basket today for unrivaled performance that won't let you down!

  • The Kitchen Sink Strainer Basket is a food catcher that efficiently filters kitchen waste, ensuring a cleaner and more hygienic sink area
  • With its elegant design and CIQ certification from Mainland China, the Kitchen Sink Strainer Basket adds both functionality and style to your kitchen decor
  • This versatile Kitchen Sink Drain Basket made of durable pp material offers ample space (2
  • 6 cm) for storing sponges, dishwashing brushes, soap, and even washing vegetables and fruits
  • Featuring a hollow design with small holes for quick drainage without clogging, the Kitchen Sink Drain Basket is an essential tool in maintaining optimal sink cleanliness

This Kitchen Sink Strainer Basket serves as a chic food catcher, flawlessly filtering kitchen waste and captivating guests with its elegant design.

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CIQ

Name: Kitchen Sink Drain Basket

Material: pp

Size: about 22.5*15.5*7.6cm/8.86*6.10*2.99in

Color: orange dark blue light blue

Packing list:

1 x Kitchen Sink Drain Basket


The kitchen sink drain basket filter can not only be used to filter food and debris, wash vegetables and fruits, but also can be used as a storage sponge, dishwashing brush and soap. The Kitchen Sink Strainer Basket adopts a hollow design, and the small holes are evenly arranged at the bottom, allowing you to dry a lot of vegetable dishes, and the pores are quickly drained and not easy to be blocked.

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