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Killer Mosquito Lamp

Killer Mosquito Lamp

Introducing the Killer Mosquito Lamp, the ultimate solution for eliminating pesky flies and mosquitoes from your home and backyard. With its rechargeable electronic bulb and sleek design, this luxurious insect killer lamp offers a beautiful and efficient way to keep your environment bug-free.

Key Features:

  • USB-powered lamp with a power cord length of 108cm
  • Compact size of 10X10X17.5CM and lightweight at 230G
  • Stylish white color
  • Rated power of 5W
  • Safe for kids and pets - contains no chemicals, emits no radiation, and is non-toxic
  • User-friendly design - easy to connect and use with any device with a USB port or adapter
  • Easy to clean - buckle design allows for easy removal and washing
  • Portable and travel-friendly
  • Low decibel operation for undisturbed sleep
  • 360° mosquito trap with four lamp beads that imitate human body temperature
  • Removable mosquito storage box for easy disposal


  • Effectively eliminates flies and mosquitoes to create a comfortable environment
  • Does not emit weird smells or noise
  • Provides a healthier environment for the whole family
  • Convenient and easy to use for everyone
  • Ensures hygienic cleaning with easy-to-remove parts
  • Allows for hassle-free transportation with its compact shape

Use Cases:

  • Perfect for indoor use in homes and offices
  • Ideal for outdoor spaces such as gardens, patios, and camping sites
  • Great for families with kids and pets

Don't let flies and mosquitoes ruin your comfort. Get the Killer Mosquito Lamp today and enjoy a bug-free environment wherever you go!