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Ironing Hand Machine

Ironing Hand Machine

Introducing the Daewoo Handheld Electric Ironing Machine: Your Ultimate Travel Companion for Effortless Wrinkle Removal, Anytime and Anywhere

Introducing the Daewoo Ironing Hand Machine, a revolutionary handheld electric ironing device designed to meet all your pressing needs with utmost efficiency and convenience. This travel portable companion offers both wet and dry dual use capabilities, ensuring that your garments are perfectly wrinkle-free no matter the circumstances. Equipped with 7 steam holes strategically positioned for maximum coverage, this innovative machine effortlessly removes stubborn mites and creases while preserving fabric integrity. With an impressive water tank capacity and adjustable voltage and temperature gears, you have complete control over the ironing process to achieve flawless results every time. Furthermore, its anti-dry burning feature guarantees safety even during prolonged usage. Experience extended steam duration thanks to its powerful motor accompanied by impeccable power distribution mechanisms derived from Model Number [insert number]. Rest assured knowing that this top-of-the-line product has obtained necessary certifications signaling compliance with industry standards while bearing the reputable brand name of Daewoo—a symbol of exceptional quality electronics worldwide. Each package includes essential accessories for enhanced usability and optimal performance in line with mainland China's classification requirements for home appliances in demand globally. Keywords: Daewoo handheld electric ironing machine, travel portable, wet dry dual use, mite removal, 7 steam holes, water tank capacity, voltage, temperature gear, anti-dry burning, steam duration, power mainline china model number classification certification brand name package includes

  • With its wet and dry dual use feature, this ironing machine effectively removes mites and ensures a clean finish
  • Equipped with 7 steam holes and a large water tank capacity, this handheld iron provides efficient steaming performance

Daewoo Handheld Electric Ironing Machine Travel Portable Electric Ironing Machine Wet Dry Dual Use Mite Removal 7 Steam Holes

Water Tank Capacity (l): <0.8L

Voltage (V): 220V

Temperature Gear: Two tranches thermostat

Supports Anti Dry Burning: Yes

Support: No

Steam Duration (Min): 10min

Power (W): 1200W

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: DAEWOO Handheld Iron

Classification: Steam brush

Certification: CE

Brand Name: DAEWOO

Package includes: 1 pcs × Ironing Hand Machine

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