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Interlocking Drainage PVC Tiles

Interlocking Drainage PVC Tiles

Experience unparalleled safety and convenience with our interlocking PVC tiles. Effortlessly transform your space with easy installation and unbeatable non-slip protection. Enjoy ultimate comfort through our innovative suction cup design, ensuring a secure fit for an exceptional shower or bath experience. Bid farewell to excess water build-up using our efficient drainage mat - the ideal solution for wet areas

In the realm of home improvement, there arose a need for an innovative solution to enhance both safety and style in wet areas like bathrooms and showers. The answer came in the form of interlocking non-slip floor tiles, crafted from high-quality PVC material. These remarkable tiles offer not only superior slip resistance but also provide a sturdy foundation beneath your feet. What sets these interlocking tiles apart is their intelligent design that incorporates suction cups on the underside, ensuring they stay firmly in place even amidst splashes and movements. The ingenious drainage system allows water to effortlessly flow through the gaps between each tile, preventing any stagnant pools or potential slippage hazards. With easy installation as one of its key selling points, anyone can transform their space into a safe haven with minimal effort required. Say goodbye to worries about accidental slips or falls in your bathroom by embracing this functional yet aesthetically pleasing solution - the PVC bath shower floor mat! Its versatile nature allows it to blend seamlessly with any existing decor while providing you with peace of mind knowing that every step you take will be secure and supported. Don't wait any longer – invest in these exceptional interlocking non-slip floor tiles today and experience luxury without compromising on safety!

  • Enhance safety with our interlocking non-slip floor tiles, providing a secure surface for walking
  • Enjoy the comfort and hygiene of our PVC bath shower floor mat, easy to clean and maintain
  • Prevent any unwanted movement or shifting with the reliable suction cups on our interlocking drainage PVC tiles
  • Experience efficient water flow and quick drying thanks to the effective drainage system of our durable PVC drain mats

1 Pack Interlocking Non Slip Drainage Floor Tiles, 11.8 X 11.8 Inch Soft PVC Bath Shower Floor Mat with Suctions Cups, Drainage

Color: Grey, Blue, Green, Pink

Size: 1.8x11.8 inches

Material: PVC

Origin: Mainland China

Charge Unit: pcs


Interlocking non slip bath mat, made of hiqh quality PVC material, safe, non-toxic, durable and soft to stand on bare feet. The size is 11.8x11.8 inches, square shape fits standard shower stall, also can be cut to fit any complex shape.

Non-Slip Suction cups: We care about customers experience and have improved those PVC shower mat with 25 suction cups per tile on the bottom to stick firmly on the floor, improve non-slip function.

Drainage Mat: These shower mats feature drainage holes and small pins on the bottom to allow liquid to pass through ,reduce falling down accidence.

Easy to install: Those interlocking tiles can be snapped together by hand, to create custom configuration on site. No tools required. Also can be disassembled for storage or easy transportation.

Wide Applications: Ideal for wet ares like kitchen, Pool, Shower, pet area, fishing boat, Lockers, Farmhouse, Camping, Gym and any wet or slippery environment that need to keep dry and clean.