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Hot Plate Food Cover

Hot Plate Food Cover

Introducing the Hot Plate Food Cover: A 3-layer dustproof lid for your food dishes, made of high-quality reusable plastic. Keep your meals fresh, classified, and odor-free!

Introducing the Hot Plate Food Cover, a versatile and innovative solution to keep your food dishes dustproof and fresh. Made with high-quality plastic from Mainland China, this transparent lid is designed to fit perfectly on your food dishes, measuring 30.1 ×26.5 cmm in size. The package includes one durable cover that is break-resistant and reusable for long-lasting use. With its unique three-layer design, this dustproof vegetable cover allows you to conveniently classify and place multiple dishes without worrying about any unpleasant odors or contamination thanks to its dense steam feature. It also provides stable multi-layer stacking for efficient space-saving storage options in your kitchen. Elevate your culinary experience with the Hot Plate Food Cover - a must-have item for any modern household seeking convenience without compromising on quality!

  • The Hot Plate Food Cover is a high-quality, durable and reusable dustproof cover for your food dishes
  • The Hot Plate Food Cover's multi-layer stacking feature ensures stable storage and saves valuable space in your kitchen

Food Dish Dust Proof Cover with Lid. Dustproof cover for food dishes with lid. Household Food Cover with Transparent Lid 3-Layer Dustproof Vegetable Cover


Produt type: Food Covers

Origin: Mainland China

Color: White, Green

Material: Plastic

Size: 30.1 × 26.5cm

Package includes:

1 pcs × Food Cover


Our food cover is made of high quality material, not easy to break, reusable and durable.

One layer of one dish, classified and placed without odor, multi-layer stacking, stable and space-saving.

Dense steam holes, the water evaporates and the taste is fresher. Layers of ventilation, encryption of ventilation holes, to avoid the smell of each other between the food.

Effectively prevent dirt, dust, etc. from contaminating food, so that families can eat delicious meals.

Versatile Uses: These cases are not only suitable for outdoor parties, camping, cooking activities, BBQ, picnic or home kitchen bowls, plates, any opened drinks, snacks and fruits. 

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