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Heat-Resistant Pot Clips: Silicone Spoon Rest for Kitchen

Heat-Resistant Pot Clips: Silicone Spoon Rest for Kitchen

Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Organized with the Cute & Functional Pot Clip!

Tired of messy counters and misplaced utensils? Introducing the Cartoon Pot Clip - your solution to a cleaner and more organized kitchen experience!

Here's what makes this clip a must-have:

  • Heat-Resistant & Food-Safe: Made from high-quality, food-grade silicone, this clip can withstand hot temperatures, keeping your utensils safe and sanitary.
  • Multifunctional: Use it as a spoon rest to prevent drips and keep countertops clean. It can also act as a pot clip to hold your spatula or other cooking tools within easy reach.
  • Adorable Design: Featuring a cute cartoon design (available in red & green), this clip adds a touch of fun to your kitchen.
  • Universal Fit: The clip securely attaches to pots with handles larger than 3 cm (1.18 inches) in diameter.

Say goodbye to messy counters and misplaced utensils! This handy clip keeps your kitchen organized and adds a touch of personality.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Food-Grade Silicone
  • Colors: Red & Green
  • Dimensions: 62 mm x 43 mm x 17 mm (2.4" x 1.7" x 0.7")
  • Heat Resistance: Up to high temperatures (avoid direct contact with open flames)
  • Applicable Pot Handle Size: Greater than 3 cm (1.18 inches)

Please Note:

  • Not suitable for pots with handles smaller than 3 cm (1.18 inches) in diameter.
  • Not recommended for use with short pots like pans and woks as an anti-overflow pot rack.
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 15 cm (5.9 inches) from the heat source when using as an anti-overflow pot holder.
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