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Hanging Trash Can With Lid

Hanging Trash Can With Lid

Effortlessly keep your kitchen tidy and clean with our innovative wall-mounted trash can, featuring a sliding cover to prevent odors and maximize convenience.

Introducing our highly functional and space-saving Hanging Trash Can With Lid. This wall-mounted kitchen trash can is designed to offer a large capacity for all your garbage disposal needs. Made with sturdy PP+ABS material, this lid hanging trash bin is built to withstand daily use without compromising on durability. Its compact rectangular shape ensures efficient storage, perfect for any bathroom cabinet door or even in the kitchen itself. With its self-adhesive backing, this wall mounted trash can can be easily installed and secured in place without the need for additional hardware or tools. The high load-bearing capacity of this storage bucket ensures that it stays firmly attached to the desired surface while providing convenient access whenever you need it. The sliding cover feature not only prevents unpleasant odors from spreading but also lends an aesthetic touch to any space it's placed in. Its wide application allows you to keep your kitchen tidy and clean while elegantly minimizing clutter. This hanging trash can with lid has been manufactured in mainland China following strict quality standards assuring long-term usage benefits as well as easy usability. Its model number is a testament to its brand reputation within the market. Invest in this durable and user-friendly hanging trash can today - make waste management effortless and maintain cleanliness effortlessly!

  • Ample Capacity for Waste Disposal: With its large capacity, this hanging trash bin provides ample storage for all your kitchen garbage cans without frequent emptying
  • Durable and Easy to Use: Made from high-quality PP+ABS material, this wall mounted trash can is durable in use and features a self-adhesive backing for easy installation on any smooth surface
  • Versatile Application: The rectangular shape of this storage bucket allows it to fit seamlessly into any room or area, making it suitable for wide applications beyond just the kitchen or bathroom cabinet door

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Trash Can Large Capacity Kitchen Garbage Cans With Lid Hanging Trash Bin For Bathroom Cabinet Door

Material: PP+ABS


Large about 700g

Small about 500g


Large (approx.)28.5*25.5*17.5cm/11.22*10.04*6.89 inches

Small (approx.)20.5*25.5*17.5cm/8.07*10.04*6.89 inches


Large 9L

Small 6L

Packing List:

1 pcs * Wall Mounted Trash Can

weight 2: 500g


weight 1: 700g

size 2: 20.5 x25.5 x17.5cm

size 1: 28.5 x 25.5 x 17.5cm

packing list: 1Wall Mounted Trash Can

material: ABS

capacity 2: 6l

capacity 1: 9l

Type: Storage Bucket

Structure: Wall Mounted

Shape: Rectangular

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: wall mounted trash can

Material: PP

Is Smart Device: no

Feature: Stocked


— Durable in Use: Made of PP+ABS material, this wall-mounted trash can is resistant to deformation and can bear heavy loads. It also has a smooth appearance that is convenient to wipe and keep clean.

— Easy to Use: With a large opening design, this wall-mounted trash can't get stuck when you toss your garbage. You can also fit more trash without worrying about overflow, as the opening is 22cm wide.

— Self-Adhesive: This garbage can is simple to mount on any wall or cabinet door thanks to the strong adhesive on the back. The cover slides open easily with a single pull, preventing odors.

— High Capacity: With a large capacity design, this wall-mounted trash can holds more food waste, reducing the number of times you take out the trash and making your kitchen more convenient.

— Wide Application: Whether you need a trash can in your bathroom, kitchen, dressing table, or cupboard, this wall-mounted trash can be easily hung on the door back or wall without taking up much space.

— Keep your kitchen tidy and clean with this over the door trash can. It has a strong load-bearing capacity and a sliding cover to prevent odors and spills. No need to worry about overflow or frequent trips to the dumpster. Just suspend it on any cabinet door and enjoy the convenience.