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Hanging Kitchen Cabinet Trash Can

Hanging Kitchen Cabinet Trash Can

Discover the ultimate space-saving solution with HARKOs Slide Lid Design hanging kitchen cabinet trash can. Smartly store and recycle in any room, from bathroom to RV, while promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle

Introducing the innovative Hanging Kitchen Cabinet Trash Can, a large-capacity wall-mounted trash can that offers a smart storage solution for your kitchen cabinet or bathroom. Crafted by HARKO, a renowned manufacturer based in Mainland China's Hubei province, this functional and durable recycle bin is designed to simplify your waste management routine. With its Slide Lid Design and Good Sealing feature, rest assured that unpleasant odors will be contained efficiently - ensuring cleanliness and hygiene in your living space. What sets this Hanging Kitchen Cabinet Trash Can apart is its versatility – it can be utilized for various purposes beyond just disposing of garbage. It serves as an ideal solution to store reusable grocery bags conveniently in the kitchen or as an additional waste bin in spaces such as offices, bedrooms, RVs, laundry rooms, dormitories, or even baby changing tables. The compact design allows for efficient space-saving without compromising on capacity. Furthermore, opting for this environmentally friendly garbage can not only reduces plastic waste but also promotes sustainable practices within your household. Embrace convenience while making responsible choices with the multi-use Hanging Kitchen Cabinet Trash Can from HARKO

  • With its slide lid design and good sealing, this versatile trash can is not only suitable for disposing of waste but also serves as a convenient recycle bin
  • From Mainland China's Hubei region comes the HARKO hanging kitchen cabinet trash can, designed to meet multiple needs in various settings such as offices, bedrooms, RVs, laundry rooms, dormitories, and baby changing tables
  • This space-saving environmentally friendly garbage can encourages the use of reusable grocery bags while efficiently managing waste disposal in any room you choose to place it in

Stash your garbage away with this large-capacity wall-mounted trash can - a smart storage solution for your kitchen cabinet, bathroom, or recycle bin!

Origin: Mainland China

Is Smart Device: no

CN: Hubei

Brand Name: HARKO


Slide Lid Design: when you cooking fresh food, slicing and dicing things, you don't need to open and close cabinet door constantly with your wet hands, compared to the trash bin under the sink.

Good Sealing: If you want the lid automatic returns after you drop trash, just push the lid gently, don't need to push it back entirely, it will back to the place. The lid is still sealed after automatic reset, which can effectively prevent the odor from escaping and also a good dog proof trash can.

Multiple Uses: Our small trash can work great with reusable grocery bags. Suitable for office, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, RV, laundry, dorm room, etc. Perfect for baby changing table. Space saving and environmentally friendly garbage can.

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