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Hand Pressed Fruit Juicer

Hand Pressed Fruit Juicer

Experience the purest taste of hand-pressed freshness with our Mini Manual Juicer, a portable and practical kitchen tool crafted from durable aluminum alloy. Made in Mainland China

Introducing our remarkable Hand Pressed Fruit Juicer, a practical kitchen tool that will revolutionize your juicing experience. Crafted with precision and built to last, this Mini Manual Juicer is made from high-quality aluminum alloy for maximum durability. Its innovative design allows you to effortlessly extract the nutritious juices from fruits like lemons and oranges, making it an essential addition to any health-conscious household. This Multifunctional Portable Juicer is conveniently sized for easy storage and transportation, ensuring that you can enjoy freshly squeezed fruit juices wherever you go. Whether at home or on the go, our Hand Pressed Fruit Juicer guarantees efficiency and versatility in every squeeze. Proudly manufactured in mainland China by skilled artisans who prioritize quality craftsmanship above all else, this juicing device is a testament to their expertise in creating reliable kitchen tools tailored to suit your needs

  • Experience the authentic taste of freshly hand-pressed fruit juice with our Mini Manual Juicer
  • Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, our Hand Pressed Fruit Juicer ensures long-lasting performance in your kitchen
  • Enjoy the convenience of a multifunctional portable juicing tool that effortlessly extracts juice from various fruits and lemons
  • Proudly made in Mainland China, our practical Kitchen Tools are designed to enhance your juicing experience with ease and efficiency

Hand Pressed Fruit Juicer Mini Manual Juicer Aluminum Alloy Fruit Lemon Juicer Multifunctional Portable Practical Kitchen Tools

Style: Horizontal

Origin: Mainland China

Color: Green

Material: PP

Size: 13 * 22 * 10 cm

Brand Name: HARKO

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