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Hand Portable Fruit Juicer Cup

Hand Portable Fruit Juicer Cup

Experience the ultimate handheld convenience with our small yet powerful Fruit Juicer Cup. Crush fruits, vegetables, and ice to create delectable smoothies and indulge in homemade nutrition anytime, anywhere.

Introducing our Hand Portable Fruit Juicer Cup, the ultimate juicing companion for those seeking handheld convenience without compromising on power and versatility. This is small yet mighty device is specifically designed to crush a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and even ice effortlessly, enabling you to create delectable smoothies and experiment with your favorite recipes right at home. With its built-in battery and voltage-optimized shell technology, this personal juicer ensures optimal power delivery for a seamless juicing experience every time. In addition to its exceptional performance, this compact juicer comes with an extensive packing list that includes a removable washable straw and cleaning brush for easy maintenance. Furthermore, it features an electronic recipe guide that provides endless inspiration for healthy concoctions. Rest assured knowing that our Hand Portable Fruit Juicer Cup originates from mainland China - the hub of cutting-edge technology - guaranteeing the highest quality standards in disposable juice output. The material used for its liner is food grade and eco-friendly while boasting the highest revolving speed on the market today. Embodying both fashion-savvy aesthetics and functionality with its sleek design available in multiple color options – choose one that suits your style best! And let's not forget about capacity; our fruit juicer cup can hold ample amounts of liquid thanks to its generous size — ensuring no one goes thirsty during gatherings or when craving some freshly squeezed goodness at any time throughout their day. Experience homemade nutrition like never before with this innovative hand portable fruit juicer cup - truly a game-changer in modern kitchen appliances!

  • Enjoy the convenience of a handheld juicer, crushing fruits, vegetables, and ice for delectable smoothies in minutes
  • Create your favorite recipes with this small yet powerful personal juicer
  • Packed with homemade nutrition
  • Experience long-lasting power with its built-in battery and advanced shell technology for on-the-go juicing

Luxuriate in the handheld convenience of this small yet powerful juicer, perfect for crushing fruits, vegetables, and ice to create delectable smoothies. Bring your favorite recipes to life in seconds and enjoy the freshness of homemade nutrition with your own personal juicer.

With a built-in battery or not: Built-in battery

Voltage: 220V

Shell Technology: IMD

Power: 201W (inclusive)-500W (inclusive)

Packing List: Removable and washable straw, cleaning brush, electronic recipe

Origin: Mainland China

Maximum disposable juice output: 400ml and below

Material of liner: PC food grade plastic

Juicer highest revolving speed: 20001 r/min (inclusive)-22000 r/min (inclusive)

Inlet shape: Round

Function: Juicing

Food grade material: Yes

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Disposable maximum oil pump capacity: 400ml and below

Cutter head type: Over five-blade

Color: Cherry blossom powder, Nordic green

Capacity: 401mL (inclusive)-600mL (inclusive)

Brand Name: ZHILU

Body material: Plastic

Additional features: Broken Wall, portable charging, automatic cleaning

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