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Hand Crank Nut Grinder

Hand Crank Nut Grinder

Indulge in the timeless pleasure of expertly ground nuts with our cutting-edge Hand Crank Nut Grinder. Effortlessly pulverize pecans to create irresistible toppings for your culinary masterpieces. Meticulously crafted from top-tier ABS material and adorned with robust stainless steel blades, this environmentally-friendly kitchen multi-chopper is an indispensable tool for gastronomic connoisseurs. Its ergonomically-designed non-slip handle ensures a secure grip while its compact dimensions of 10 x 15.5 x 15 cm make it ideal for any kitchen setting. Manufactured in Mainland China and boasting CIQ certification as well as CE/EU certification, this stylish white grinder guarantees exceptional performance that surpasses all expectations. Discover the joy of finely crushed dried fruits too, enhancing your recipes with unparalleled depth of flavor

Enhance your culinary prowess with the remarkable Hand Crank Nut Grinder, a must-have kitchen appliance for effortlessly chopping and crushing an assortment of nuts. This ingenious nut chopper boasts a robust hand crank mechanism that guarantees seamless grinding of pecan nuts and dried fruits, resulting in tantalizing toppings to elevate your gastronomic creations. Constructed from resilient ABS material complemented by sleek stainless steel components, this grinder exudes durability and is built to withstand the demands of daily usage. Measuring at 10 x 15.5 x 15 cm, this compact multi chopper hails from Mainland China and has met stringent quality benchmarks such as CIQ certification and CE/EU certification – assuring you of its impeccable standards. The high-quality stainless steel blades are engineered for longevity, ensuring consistent grinding performance every time you operate it. Furthermore, the non-slip handle ensures utmost safety while granting you full control over desired thickness or texture. Boasting eco-friendly features alongside its all-nut capabilities, this crusher caters to diverse culinary preferences without compromising on functionality or efficiency. An indispensable tool for both professional chefs and home cooks alike when it comes to fruit & vegetable tools like squeezers & reamers - upgrade your cooking experience today by investing in this superior-quality Hand Crank Nut Grinder; where unbeatable efficiency harmoniously coexists with unwavering durability!

  • Efficiently grind a wide range of nuts using the durable stainless steel blades and non-slip chopper handle
  • Enhance your culinary creations by easily creating delicious toppings or crushing dried fruits with this versatile nut grinder
  • Made from eco-friendly ABS material, this hand cranks nut grinder is both stocked and CIQ certified for peace of mind
  • Experience high-quality performance with this compact nut chopper, featuring CE/EU certification and precision-engineered stainless steel blades

Nut Chopper Grinder Hand Crank Pecan Nuts Kitchen Multi Chopper Crusher for Making Toppings

Package Contents:

1 x Dried fruit crusher

Color: white

Material:ABS+stainless steel

Size:10 x 15.5 x 15cm

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Dried fruit crusher

Material: Stainless Steel

Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type: Squeezers & Reamers

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Feature: Stocked

Certification: CIQ

Certification: CE / EU


— High Quality: Great ABS material cover and base, durable stainless steel blades, non-slip chopper handle.

— Nut Grinder For All nuts: Great for chopping almonds, filberts, peanuts, pecans, walnuts, and other types of nuts; sprinkle on baked goods, desserts, salads, and more. At the same time, it is a spice chopper, it can also chop ginger and garlic.

— Easy To Use: Our nut chopper is hand-operated design, no need for electricity, simple and effortless. Small and lightweight so that it is easy to carry. The blade can crush nuts evenly and efficiently.

— Easy To Clean: Our nut chopper hand crank can be disassembled, rinse with water. Or dishwasher safe for easy, convenient cleaning.