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Giraffe Soap Dispenser

Giraffe Soap Dispenser

Enhance your hand hygiene regimen with our cutting-edge Giraffe Soap Dispenser - a smart and rechargeable solution that combines innovation with practicality

. Whether you are seeking a practical addition to your bathroom, kitchen, or office space, the Giraffe Soap Dispenser is sure to captivate your attention. Imagine the convenience of having an automatic induction dispenser that not only keeps your hands germ-free but also assists in maintaining the cleanliness of your beloved smartphone. With its intelligent sensors and touchless technology, this dispenser ensures maximum hygiene with minimal effort. Not only does it excel in functionality, but its design is equally impressive. Resembling a graceful giraffe, this dispenser adds a touch of charm and sophistication to any setting it graces. Crafted with care and precision from mainland China—a hub renowned for quality manufacturing—the Giraffe Soap Dispenser emanates durability and reliability. Whether you chodrop-shippingping or wholesale options, acquiring this foam soap dispenser becomes effortless no matter where you reside worldwide. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled washing experience with the Giraffe Soap Dispenser—an exquisite fusion of style and efficiency that elevates cleanliness to an art form

  • The Giraffe Soap Dispenser provides touchless hand sanitizing with intelligent induction technology, ensuring a hygienic and convenient experience
  • With its long-lasting rechargeable battery capacity of 1200mAh, this dispenser offers extended usage without the hassle of frequent charging
  • Featuring a waterproof grade of IPX5, the Giraffe Soap Dispenser is easy to clean and can withstand wet environments for reliable performance

Hand Sanitizer Machine Automatic Induction Giraffe Soap Dispenser Rechargeable Intelligent Induction Washing Mobile Phone

Waterproof grade: IPX5

Battery capacity: 1200mAh

Rated input: 6V500ma

Sensing distance: 30±10mm

Water tank capacity: 300ml

Waterproof grade: IPX5

Product size: 73*145*270mm

Water tank capacity: 300ml

Type: Liquid Soap Dispensers

Support: Dropshipping/wholesale

Sensing distance: 30±10mm

Rated input: 6V500ma

Product size: 73x145x270mm

Origin: Mainland China

Liquid Soap Dispenser Type: Automatic Soap Dispenser

Feature: Foam Soap Dispenser

Battery capacity:: 1200mAh


1. adorable giraffe. Make hand washing more interesting, bionic giraffe arc shape, childlike and stylish, easy to make children fall in love with hand washing

2.0.25 seconds quick bubble efficient hand washing easier

3. Automatic induction bubble, avoid pressing contact, protect the baby from

4.15 seconds sprout your eyes to be your little hand-washing housekeeper. When washing hands, the light flashes for 15 seconds as an interactive reminder, full of rituals, helping to develop correct hand washing habits

5.IPX5 waterproof body without fear of splashing water. Easily deal with the small problem of waterproofing and dampness of the sink, so that washing hands becomes fun and "unbridled play."

6. Pull-out design, liquid replacement is more convenient. Use your fingers to buckle the triangular grooves on both sides of the bottom of the bottle and pull it down.

Package Included:

1 * wash phone 1 * data line

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