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Keep your kitchen tidy with our hanging storage hero - the ultimate garbage bag holder for a clutter-free space.

. Imagine you're cooking up a storm in your kitchen, peeling potatoes and chopping onions with friends when suddenly someone yells "where's the trash?" Without skipping a beat, you reach behind you, and it's right there-neatly stored and accessible in your new Garbage Bag Holder. No more digging through cabinets or rummaging through drawers-everything is within reach thanks to this wall-mounted wonder. But that's not all this Plastic Bag Holder can do! Now every time I come home from grocery shopping, I hang my bags on the hooks for easy storage instead of cluttering up my countertops with plastic bags. The hanging storage means no more frantically searching for missing bags while trying to pack lunches on a busy morning. Trust me when I say that investing in this Kitchen Organizer will make everyday life so much easier-why didn't we think of this sooner?

  • The plastic bag holder keeps your kitchen organized and tidy by providing a designated space for garbage bags
  • Wallmounted design saves valuable floor space in your kitchen, making it an ideal solution for small homes or apartments
  • Hanging storage feature allows you to easily access and replace the garbage bag when needed, without any hassle or mess
  • By using this innovative Garbage Bag Holder, you can contribute towards reducing plastic waste as it encourages the use of reusable bags instead of single use ones

Wall-Mounted Garbage Grocery Bag Rack. Home Garbage Bag Holder Wall Mount Plastic Bag Holder Hanging Storage Dispenser Garbage Bag Kitchen Garbage Organizer


Use: Sundries

Type: Storage Bags

Shape: Square

Pattern: Three-dimensional Type

Origin: Mainland China

Material: nylon

Form: Clothing Hanging Type/Hanging Type

Feature: Folding

Feature: Stocked

Feature: Eco-Friendly

CN: Fujian

Applicable Space: Behind Doors/On Walls

1. Hanging design, vacant plastic bags.

2. Easy to use, neat and tidy.

3. Wear-resistant, durable, and resistant to deformation.

4. Clean and tidy, not easy to soil, finishing.

5. Above, draw below, double opening.

6. Conducive to finishing, convenient for secondary use.


Organize your kitchen with this elegant and sophisticated Garbage Bag Holder. Crafted from premium materials, it provides an exclusive look while keeping all the bagging needs of your kitchen in one convenient place. Its robust design ensures reliable and lasting use, making it a tasteful addition to any kitchen.

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