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Fruit Storage Bowl

Fruit Storage Bowl

Enhance your kitchen with Kesotos elegant and functional Fruit Storage Bowl - a premium, transparent drainer plate that offers expansive capacity for all your fruit storage needs. With its drainable design and easily removable bottom drainer basket, this household essential is not only easy to clean but also effortlessly maintains the freshness of your fruits. Its size chart ensures you have enough space for all types of food, while its sleek design makes it a stylish addition to any kitchen countertop. Made in Mainland China with a model number that guarantees durability and reliability, this vegetable and fruits bowl stand holder doubles as a versatile home organizer - perfect for showcasing candies or serving as a table centerpiece. Upgrade your fruit storage game today!

Introducing the Kesoto Fruit Storage Bowl, a premium and elegant solution for all your fruit storage needs. This fruit bowl is thoughtfully designed with an expansive capacity to accommodate various types of fruits and vegetables for household use. Equipped with a transparent drainer plate, this bowl allows excess water to drain effectively, ensuring that your produce remains fresh for longer periods. Not only does it offer functionality, but its beautifully crafted design serves as a kitchen countertop centerpiece or decorative basket. The easily removable bottom drainer basket enables effortless cleaning and maintenance while the accompanying size chart ensures you have the perfect fit for your culinary requirements. Crafted in Mainland China with careful attention to detail, this model number vegetable fruits bowl stand holder food tray is more than just practical; it's an embodiment of style and class in every sense. Upgrade your kitchen organization game today by adding this modern bread snacks decorative basket - the Kesoto Fruit Storage Bowl!

  • The elegant and transparent drainer plate of the Fruit Storage Bowl ensures easy drainage for your fruits
  • The drainable design makes it effortless to clean and maintain this Fruit Storage Bowl
  • Equipped with a size chart, this versatile food storage basket from Mainland China (model number: Kesoto) is ideal for organizing vegetables and fruits on any kitchen countertop or table centerpiece

This elegant, transparent drainer plate provides a premium fruit bowl featuring an expansive capacity, perfect for household use. Its drainable design elevates the design and convenience, allowing the bowl to be easily cleaned and maintained.

Size Chart:


Use: Food

Type: Storage Baskets

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Fruit Bowls

MainKey6: Vegetable Fruits Bowl Stand Holder Food Tray

MainKey5: Kitchen Countertop Candy Plate Home Organizer

MainKey4: Fruit Bowl Removable Bottom Drainer Basket

MainKey3: Fruits Veggie Storage Holder Table Centerpiece

MainKey2: Fruits Bowl Modern Bread Snacks Decorative Basket

MainKey1: Fruit Bowl

Brand Name: Kesoto


Elegant Design: The fruit storage bowl, stunning design is sure to impress your guests.

Large Capacity: Fruit Dish with ample space, this bowl is perfect for holding a variety of fruits, orange, pineapple, banana, lemon, candy, snacks, vegetables, etc.

Exquisite Appearance: Fruit Plate, minimalist look, complements any room, adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Multipurpose: Serving Bowl not only as a fruit bowl, but also as a drain basket. It has drainage hole at the bottom for easy to use. As a decorative centerpiece, snack tray, or even for storing everyday items.

Application: Fruit bowl is suitable for home, kitchen, dining table, desktop, restaurant, etc.

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