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Fresh Flower Gel Stamp

Fresh Flower Gel Stamp

Transform your toilet into a fragrant oasis with our innovative Fresh Flower Gel Stamp. Experience 7 days of long-lasting fragrance and keep your toilet clean effortlessly.

Introducing the revolutionary Fresh Flower Gel Stamp, a game-changer in the world of toilet fresheners. Crafted with plastic gel and imprinted with beautiful flower prints, this innovative aromatic air freshener is designed to elevate your bathroom experience. Made for Mainland China customers who crave freshness and cleanliness, this deodorant gel stamp comes in six dazzling scents: Ocean, Lemon, Lavender, Osmanthus, Orange and Cherry Blossom. With a generous 48ML capacity, our Fresh Flower Gel Stamp ensures long-lasting freshness that keeps your toilet smelling delightful for up to 7 days per usage. Whether it's after every water flushing or simply placed inside the tank holder, this remarkable dissolvable gel releases its invigorating fragrance consistently over an impressive span of 11 weeks. A true Toilet Cleaning Stamp champion that not only infuses a faint fragrance into the air but also effectively cleanses and maintains the inner walls of your commode. Crafted to adhere effortlessly onto any surface within your toilet bowl - be it ceramic or porcelain - our Fresh Flower Gel Stamp offers convenience like no other product on the market today. With its unique formulation that combats unpleasant odors while leaving behind nothing but refreshing scents at every use, the result is an exquisitely clean lavatory that you can truly cherish each time you enter it!

  • The Fresh Flower Gel Stamp provides a long-lasting fragrance that keeps your toilet smelling fresh for up to 7 days
  • With its innovative gel dissolving technology, this deodorant gel emits a delightful aroma with every water flushing
  • Keep your toilet clean and fresh with the Toilet Cleaning Stamp, which effectively cleans the inner walls while leaving behind a faint fragrance
  • Adhering seamlessly to any surface, this flower print dispenser offers 11 weeks of continuous freshness in 6 dazzling scents

Toilet Fresh Flower Gel Stamp Fragrance Freshener. Aromatic air freshener deodorant gel with flower print dispenser.

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Plastic Gel

Fragrance: Ocean, Lemon, Lavender, Osmanthus, Orange, Cherry Blossom

Capacity: 48ML

Application: Toilet

Principle: Through water flushing, a small amount of gel dissolves and emits fragrance

Usage time: 7 days can be used at one time, 11 weeks for one bottle


Toilet Cleaning Stamp: Using Cleaning stamps to clean toilet deeply, keeping your toilet inner wall clean and filling with faint fragrance.

Toilet Cleaning Stamp will adhere to the surface of the toilet for almost 7 days without changing it frequently, keeps toilet bowls fresh with every flush.

Choose from 6 dazzling scents: rose, sea, orange, lavender, gardenia, lemon.

The gel tube can be pasted with 12 flower shaped stamps. Use for about two months.

Toilet Cleaning Stamp automatically attach and dissolved. Activates with every flush, preventing stains and build up and giving off a faint fragrance.


Flower Aromatic Toilet Gel

Natural and fresh, remove odors and leave no traces

Plant fragrance, environmentally friendly gel

Six fragrance options: ocean, lemon, lavender, osmanthus, orange, cherry blossom

Clean the toilet to form an anti-fouling film, full of fresh fragrance

New large-capacity design, 11 flowers

Convenient and quick to use, just gently squeeze

Suitable for a variety of toilets

Package includes:

1 pcs × Fresh Flower Gel Stamp

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