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Food Plate Heating Board

Food Plate Heating Board

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Experience culinary heights with the Rotating Food Insulation Heating Plate - a thermostatically-controlled device that rapidly defrosts and heats your food. This touch-sensitive screen, conductive plate features an adjustable temperature, carbon fiber heating for safe and efficient cooking. Its smart touch screen allows for appointment timing, while the safe child lock ensures peace of mind. With its ultra-thin design and waterproof surface, this Food insulation board is both stylish and practical. Upgrade your dining experience with the BYD-600 - a 220V, 300W, 50 kg masterpiece of innovation

Introducing the Rotating Food Insulation Heating Plate, a culinary marvel that will take your dining experience to new heights. This state-of-the-art thermostatically-controlled device is designed to rapidly defrost and heat your food with precision and efficiency. Featuring a conductive plate made from carbon fiber heating technology, this touch-sensitive screen masterpiece ensures even distribution of heat for perfectly cooked meals every time. The Food insulation board BYD-600 boasts impressive specifications such as 220V power supply with 300W output capacity. With its adjustable temperature feature, you have full control over the cooking process while the 360° rotation capability guarantees uniform heating throughout. Safety is paramount at all times - rest assured knowing that this innovative appliance emits no harmful radiation thanks to its smart touch screen design. With convenient features like appointment timing and a secure child lock function, meal preparation becomes effortless and worry-free. The ultra-thin yet robust waterproof surface coupled with thickened materials make for an incredibly durable product that stands up to the demands of everyday use. Simplify your kitchen routine without compromising on quality - choose the Rotating Food Insulation Heating Plate for a truly exceptional dining experience

  • Elevate your culinary experience with the Rotating Food Insulation Heating Plate, reaching culinary heights
  • Enjoy rapid defrosting and efficient heating with the thermostatically-controlled device
  • Experience convenience and precision with the touch-sensitive screen and adjustable temperature feature
  • Ensure safety and durability with the ultra-thin design, waterproof surface, and thickened material of this food insulation board

Ascend to your culinary heights with the Rotating Food Insulation Heating Plate–a 300W thermostatically-controlled device designed to rapidly defrost and heat using a conductive plate and a touch-sensitive screen.

Name: Food insulation board

Model: BYD-600

Voltage: 220V

Power: 300W

Bearing: 50kg

Adjustable temperature: 30-120℃

Heating method: carbon fiber heating

Product size: 600*600*18mm


Food insulation board*1


Version B:60cm Rotating Version


360°rotation (optional)

No radiation

Smart touch screen

Appointment timing

Safe child lock

Ultra-thin design

Waterproof surface

Thickened material

Simple and modern

Voltage (V): 220V

Product size: 600*600*18mm

Product Number: BD070

Product Name: Food insulation board

Power (W): 400w

Origin: Mainland China

Model: BYD-600

Heating method: carbon fiber heating

Heat Gear: 6 files

Function: HOTPOT

Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Bearing: 50kg

Adjustable temperature: 30-120℃


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