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Folding Trash Can

Folding Trash Can

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About this item

Foldable Cabinet Door Trash Can Car Waste Storage Trash Can Garbage Bag Storage Box. Waste Containment. Trash Cans & Wastebaskets


Type: Trash Cans & Wastebaskets

Collection: Cleaning Tools

Type: Storage Bucket

Style: Pressing Type

Structure: Wall Mounted

Origin: Mainland China

Shape: Rectangular

Colors: Khaki/Gray

CN: Guangdong

Color: Brown, White

Size: 16 * 26 * 24 cm


Material: PP+TPR


2.5cm cabinet doors are universal, the inner bend corner design is convenient to fix the garbage bag, and the installation is simple

The large caliber is convenient for garbage collection, and the large capacity of 10L is enough to hold all-day kitchen waste

Strong and tough TPR material, it is not easy to be damaged when folded and used, suitable for various scenes

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