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Innovative Folding Clothes Dryer with Ultraviolet Sanitization

Innovative Folding Clothes Dryer with Ultraviolet Sanitization

Effortlessly dry and sanitize your garments with our innovative Folding Clothes Dryer, featuring ultraviolet disinfection and spotless results.

Introducing the Folding Clothes Dryer, a revolutionary laundry-drying solution that combines efficiency and convenience. This cutting-edge Houseware Appliance boasts a plethora of advanced features that cater to all your garment-care needs. With its innovative folding design, this Folding Dryer can easily be stored away when not in use, saving valuable space in your home. Equipped with a powerful Dryer Steam Generator, it ensures that every item emerges spotless and gleaming after each drying session. Say goodbye to damp clothes and hello to professionally dried garments! Its ultraviolet clothes disinfection function guarantees optimal hygiene standards for you and your family. This must-have addition to Laundry Appliances has an impressive water tank capacity for prolonged usage without frequent refills. The garment ironing machine type enhances the overall quality of the drying process while providing ease-of-use at its finest. With its sturdy construction made from high-quality materials, this dryer is built to last through countless cycles of laundry without compromising performance or durability. Rest assured by its power-off protection feature which safeguards against any unexpected accidents or mishaps during operation. Explore endless possibilities as you take advantage of various controlling modes tailored specifically for your convenience - all accessible via the user-friendly interface panel located on top of this remarkable appliance. The Foldable Clothes Dyer comes complete with vital information such as model number, product code, and origin ensuring transparency and traceability, Its impressive rated voltage allows seamless compatibility with most household electrical systems while boasting an exceptional drying power rating. With ample room within its spacious confines offering considerable load capacity, this dryer will efficiently handle even larger loads making quick work out of laundry day chore To provide further peace-of-mind during operation, the max timing limit feature ensures automatic shutoff once desired cycle completes Crafted considering heat distribution dynamics together with carefully selected heating method guarantee speedy yet gentle drying experience for all types garments regardless material specifications Packaging details include package weight packed dimensions along facilitating hassle-free transportation and delivery to the doorstep Embrace efficiency and convenience with this game-changer in laundry technology. Invest in the Folding Clothes Dryer today for a remarkable drying experience that will transform your laundry routine forever

  • Efficient Laundry-Drying: The Folding Clothes Dryer ensures quick and thorough drying, saving you time and effort
  • Enhanced Garment Care: With its built-in Dryer Steam Generator, this houseware appliance disinfects clothes for spotless, gleaming results
  • Versatile Drying Options: This Folding Dryer offers adjustable water tank capacity and various garment ironing machine types to suit your needs

Boast luxurious laundry-drying with this Folding Dryer Dryer Steam Generator, an exclusive, Houseware Appliance that provides 220V/900W of ultraviolet clothes disinfection to make your garments spotless and gleaming.

Type: Laundry Appliances

Type: Dryers

Water tank capacity: 0.9L (inclusive)-1.3L (inclusive)

Garment ironing machine type: vertical garment ironing machine

Rated voltage: 220V~50Hz

Rated drying power: 600W

Rated steam power: 900w

Rated drying capacity: 4 pieces <5kg

Package weight: 21KG

Packing size: 73*39*36

Voltage (V): 220V

Product Code: DQ00056

Power-off Protection: Yes

Power (W): 501-1000W

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: TJ-86I1E

Max. Timing Limit: 61-120min

Housing Material: Plastic

Heating Method: PTC

Garment ironing machine type: vertical garment ironing machine

Controlling Mode: Mechanical Timer Control

Castor: Yes

Capacity: <5kg

Brand Name: YunlinLi

Automatic Type: Automatic