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Foldable Dirty Clothes Basket

Foldable Dirty Clothes Basket

SKU: SKU:14:10#Fold 4 layers

Barcode: 28344408

ID: 8675104555352

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Effortlessly organize your home with our foldable multi-layer storage rack - the perfect solution for a stylish and spacious bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room.

Once upon a time, in the realm of household organization, there emerged a revolutionary product known as the Foldable Dirty Clothes Basket. This magnificent creation possessed an unparalleled combination of features that would transform any disheveled living space into a haven of order and efficiency. With its large capacity and multi-layer design, this foldable basket doubled as both a storage rack and bathroom shelf, making it the ultimate companion for those seeking to declutter their homes with ease. Crafted from eco-friendly plastic sourced from mainland China, this light luxury accessory boasted durability and functionality while remaining environmentally conscious. Its floor type structure provided stability and convenience, ensuring that not even the most unwieldy piles of laundry or sundries could topple its organized facade. Whether utilized as a makeup organizer in the bedroom or a kitchen organizer in culinary sanctuaries, this adaptable storage shelf seamlessly fit into any corner of your house. Adorned with an exquisite gold exterior akin to large nuggets hidden within treasure chests, this foldable dirty clothes basket exuded elegance at every turn. Available in layer 2 configurations all the way up to four layers for maximum storage potential, it catered to individuals with varying organizational needs. Embrace its brilliance today and bring harmony back into your home by investing in this remarkable piece from Deuamo – where practicality meets sophistication effortlessly!

  • With its multi-layer design, this versatile storage rack can be used as a bathroom shelf, makeup organizer, or kitchen organizer, maximizing functionality in every room of your home
  • Made from eco-friendly plastic materials and featuring a folding rack design, the Deuamo foldable dirty clothes basket offers an environmentally conscious solution to meet your storage needs while reducing waste
  • Embrace the light luxury of this large gold foldable dirty clothes basket
  • An essential bathroom accessory that combines practicality with style for an elevated at-home experience

Foldable Dirty Clothes Basket Household Large Capacity Multi-layer Storage Rack Bathroom Storage Shelf Bathroom Laundry Basket

feature 7: Makeup organizer

feature 6: Kitchen organizer

feature 5: Storage shelf

feature 4: Bathroom shelf

feature 3: bathroom storage

feature 2: bathroom organizer

feature 1: bathroom accessories

Use: Sundries

Type: Storage Holders & Racks

Style: Light Luxury

Scope of application: At home

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Plastic

Installation Type: Floor Type

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Classification: Folding Rack

Brand Name: DEUAMO

Applicable Space: BATHROOM

Color: Folding Dirty Clothes Basket Layer 2

Color: Folding Dirty Clothes Basket Three Layers

Color: Folding dirty clothes basket with four layers

Color: Large Gold

Color: Large green

Color: Large White

Color: Small Gold

Color: Small green

Color: Small White

Color: Medium Gold

Color: Medium green

Color: Medium White

Color: Elegant White Two Piece Set (Medium+Small)

Color: Gentleman Grey Two Piece Set (Medium+Small)

Color: Elegant White Two Piece Set (Large+Small)

Color: Gentleman Grey Two Piece Set (Large+Small)

Color: Elegant White Three Piece Set (Large+Medium+Small)

Color: Gentleman Grey Three Piece Set (Large+Medium+Small)

Scope of application: Dirty clothes basket

Material: Plastic

Style: Modern and minimalist

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