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Foaming Soap Box: Hands-free, Multi-functional Cleaning Artifact

Foaming Soap Box: Hands-free, Multi-functional Cleaning Artifact

Introducing the Foaming Soap Box: A creative, hands-free cleaning artifact with multi-functional storage and an innovative built-in spring for effortless foam dispensing. Elevate your bathroom experience with this elegant, lightweight luxury that offers a larger space, dust-proof and moisture-proof design. Made from environmentally friendly materials in mainland China, this gray and blue beauty is not just a soap holder but a true bathroom accessory masterpiece. Enjoy the comfort of slipping effortlessly into lather while ensuring your soap stays drained, ventilated, and always within reach

Introducing our innovative and multi-functional foaming soap box, the perfect addition to any bathroom space. This hands-free soap foam box is designed with creativity in mind, featuring a built-in spring that dispenses luxurious foaming soap effortlessly. Crafted from premium PVC material, this gray and blue soap holder boasts an enlarged size for maximum convenience. Not only does this lightweight luxury product offer good design aesthetics, but it also provides practicality like no other. With its elegant appearance and thickened material construction, it ensures durability while offering a larger space to accommodate your favorite soap bar. The dust-proof and moisture-proof properties guarantee that your bathroom remains clean and tidy at all times. Constructed with environmental sustainability in mind, our multifunctional soap box is manufactured using PP+AS materials - making it both environmentally friendly and sturdy enough to withstand daily use. Equipped with a drain feature, this ingenious cleaning artifact allows water to easily flow away while keeping your soap dry between uses. Say goodbye to slippery or uncomfortable situations thanks to the included rollers on the bottom of the box which allow you to effortlessly lather up without any hassle or risk of slipping. In short: Our foaming soap box combines functionality with style seamlessly – creating an essential addition for any bathroom space looking for an elegant yet purposeful solution for storing those necessary hygiene items such as soaps!

  • With its built-in spring and drain system, the Foaming Soap Box ensures that your soap bar stays dry and lasts longer
  • Made with high-quality materials such as PVC and PP+AS, the Foaming Soap Box is not only durable but also environmentally friendly
  • The Foaming Soap Box's innovative design provides a comfortable lathering experience while preventing slipping with its convenient rollers

Multi-functional storage hands free soap foam box. Creative Built-in Spring Drain Soap Holder Bathroom Soap Bar Holder Foaming Cleaning Artifact. Bathroom Accessories. Soap Dishes & Holders 

Type: Soap Dishes & Holders 

Origin: Mainland China

Material: PVC

Product Name: Multifuctional Soap Box

Product material: PP+AS

Product size: about 7.2*12.2*6.5cm

Product color: gray, blue


The new enlarged multi-functional soap dish, creative storage hands-free foaming soap dish, home lightweight luxury soap dish.

Good design makes life more elegant.

Built-in spring, thickened material, larger space, dust-proof and moisture-proof material, environmentally friendly, drained and ventilated.

Take it quickly without slipping, which makes it more comfortable to use.

The rollers rub against each other, creating a rich lather.

Clean and tidy, countertops stay cool.

When the soap is loaded for the first time, the foam will not be rich, after a while, the soap will be in full contact with the roller, and the foam will be rich.