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Flower Trash Can

Flower Trash Can

Transform your space into a clean and clutter-free oasis with our innovative wall-mounted Flower Trash Can. Its large mouth and hanging design make it easy to bend, throw garbage, and save precious space. Made from durable plastic with a wear-resistant lid, this environmentally friendly waste bin is not only practical but also adds a touch of style to any home, kitchen or office. Available in various sizes, colors, and quantities - get yours today!

Introducing the revolutionary Flower Trash Can - a wall-mounted plastic waste bin that is as functional as it is beautiful. Crafted with a large mouth and designed to hang on any cabinet door, this hanging garbage bin is perfect for your home, kitchen, or office. Say goodbye to unsightly rubbish and hello to a clean and organized space. Made from durable materials, this flower trash can guarantees flexibility, wear resistance, and damage resistance. Its innovative features include a bendable structure that allows you to throw away garbage effortlessly. With its space-saving design and environmentally friendly construction, it's not just a waste bin – it's an essential addition to any modern lifestyle. The Flower Trash Can comes in various sizes and colors to suit your preferences. Each package contains everything you need for easy installation – including a door-mounted hook for hassle-free setup. The lid design ensures practicality by keeping odors at bay while maintaining cleanliness throughout the day. Versatile in its use and designed with your convenience in mind, this flower trash can will prove itself indispensable time after time

  • The wall-mounted flower trash can offers a large mouth, making it easy to throw garbage and saving valuable space in your home or office
  • Made from durable plastic material with wear and damage resistance, this hanging garbage bin is built to last and withstand daily use
  • With its practical lid design, the flower trash can keeps unpleasant odors contained while adding a touch of style to any kitchen or cabinet door
  • Available in various sizes, colors, and quantities, this versatile waste bin is not only environmentally friendly but also suitable for a wide range of uses throughout your home or workplace

Wall-Mounted Plastic Flower Trash Can Large Mouth Waste Bin Hanging Garbage Bins for Home Kitchen Office Cabinet Door Rubbish. Trash Cans & Wastebaskets

Material: Plastic

Size: approx.20x17x16.5cm/7.87x6.69x6.50in

Optional colors: Red/Green/Blue

Quantity: 1Pc

Brand name: OOTDTY 

Package Contents:1 pcs x Trash Can


Hanging design: Wall paste hanging and door-mounted hook,

No need to bend,throw garbage easily. It's space saving and environmentally friendly garbage can.

Material: Made of plastic material, good flexibility, wear resistance and damage resistance, durable.

Big mouth: Large diameter, more convenient for you to clean all the

Wide use: Hang it on the door or on the ground and countertop. can use in kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, car, and anywhere it is needed.

No lid: It is without lid design,it is practical and useful.

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