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Floor Cleaning Sponge Squeeze Mop

Floor Cleaning Sponge Squeeze Mop

Introducing our revolutionary Floor Cleaning Sponge Squeeze Mop - the pinnacle of household cleaning tools. Designed with a folding type and lightweight, it effortlessly cleans floors, glass screens, and desks. Its rectangular shape and plastic pole material ensure durability while its sponge mophead quantity guarantees efficient cleaning. Made from high-quality microfibre fabric, this telescopic handle mop is both eco-friendly and stocked with features that will leave your home sparkling clean. Proudly crafted in Zhejiang, China by our trusted brand known for excellence in manufacturing general rod mops with plastic trays. Experience the power of innovation today!

In the fast-paced realm of household cleaning tools, emerged a revolutionary invention known as the Floor Cleaning Sponge Squeeze Mop. This extraordinary mop quickly garnered acclaim and became an essential gem for meticulous individuals seeking pristine cleanliness in their homes and cars. With its remarkable versatility and ingenuity, it effortlessly transitioned from being an impeccable floor cleaning sponge to an indispensable portable wiper for windows, glass screens, and even desks. What truly set this exceptional mop apart from others was its unparalleled wringing method. Through a simple squeeze technique, excess moisture was efficiently extracted from the sponge mops without any messy complications. Moreover, its folding design added a touch of convenience by enabling users to effortlessly store it in tight spaces when not in use. Despite its lightweight build, this mop boasted impressive durability thanks to its sturdy plastic pole material construction – promising maximum maneuverability without sacrificing quality. Carefully packaged straight from mainland China where attention to detail reigns supreme; this exceptional mop showcased an abundance of features that transformed mundane housework into a remarkably efficient endeavor while saving precious time. One notable feature lies within its rectangular shape which enables effortless cleaning of corners and hard-to-reach areas with seamless precision. The nozzle type ensures precise water flow control while ample quantities of high-quality microfiber fabric mopheads are included – guaranteeing superior absorbency for thorough cleanings. The general rod offers excellent grip during operation while the telescopic handle caters perfectly to both tall and short individuals alike - ensuring unrivaled comfort during Tailoredored with environmental consciousness at h, thisthis eco-friendly marvel resonates deeply with those who prioritize sustainabilFurther,ther reflecting Zhejiang brand's commitmentto excellence is their meticulously crafted model number; embodying durability alongside personal comfortand customer satisfact LastLast but not l, the,the inclusionofa plastic tray elevates organization by providing youwiththeneat storageyou deserve for your esteemedmopheadwhen not engagedin d ThisThis awe-inspiring masterpiece awaits your discovery as it promises an unparalleled cleaning experience that seamlessly merges time efficiency and eco-friendliness. With its exceptional design, remarkable features, and meticulous craftsmanship, the Floor Cleaning Sponge Squeeze Mop guarantees that every corner of your haven exudes unmatched cleanliness. Embrace this cutting-edge household tool today and unlock a new level of pristine efficiency in maintaining your living space - courtesy of Zhejiang Brand's masterful creation

  • Achieve spotless floors with the Floor Cleaning Sponge Squeeze Mop's innovative wringing method and high-quality sponge material
  • Simplify your cleaning routine with the easy-to-use folding type and adjustable telescopic handle of this versatile mop
  • Experience superior performance and longevity thanks to the durable plastic pole material and rectangular-shaped mophead design

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wring: YES

Wringing Method: Folding Type

Weight: <2kg

Type: Sponge Mops

Shape: Rectangle

Pole Material: Plastic

Packaging: With 1 Mophead

Origin: Mainland China

Nozzle type: Sponge

Mophead Quantity: 1

Mop Rod Type: General Rod + Plastic Tray

Mop Head Material: Sponge

Model Number: 11

Material: Microfibre Fabric

Handle Type: Telescopic

Feature: Eco-Friendly,Stocked

CN: Zhejiang

CN: Zhejiang


Absorption: 10-20 seconds

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