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Faucet Extender Silicone Attachment

Faucet Extender Silicone Attachment

Faucet Extender Rubber

Upgrade your wash experience with the Faucet Extender Rubber today. Made from high-quality elastic silicone material, this extension device is the ultimate water faucet extension for kids in the bathroom or kitchen sink. The high elasticity of the silicone material ensures a secure fit on various water faucets, providing an effective extension for easy access in bathrooms and kitchen sinks.


  • Made from durable PP and silica gel materials
  • Dimensions: (approx.) 8 cm × 3.5 cm (3.144 in × 1.376 inches)
  • Weight: About 17.6g
  • Available in yellow, blue, and pink colors
  • Simple disassembly and convenient cleaning
  • Soft silica gel, installation and disassembly will not damage the faucet
  • Water guide channel made of PP for good toughness and durability
  • Concentrated water flow reduces splashing and saves water
  • Design of two exits

Widely used in kitchens, bars, gardens, and more, this versatile accessory expands the functionality of your faucets by allowing you to easily attach aerators or other drop accessories for enhanced water flow control. The Faucet Extender Rubber is not only practical but also lightweight, making it easy to use and portable. It also provides a comprehensive guide for kids on proper handwashing techniques without creating unnecessary mess or discomfort during their hygiene routine. Its PP and silica gel construction ensures durability, making it an investment you can count on!

Product Details

  • Product name: Faucet expander
  • Material: PP + silica gel
  • Package: 1 faucet extender
  • Widely used: kitchen, bathroom, bar, garden, etc
  • Type: Kitchen Faucet Accessories
  • Origin: Mainland China