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Expandable Steamer Basket

Expandable Steamer Basket

Expandable Steamer Basket

Unlock culinary possibilities with our innovative adjustable stainless steel steamer basket, designed to fit various pot sizes for a durable and long-lasting cooking experience.


  • Crafted from premium stainless steel for unparalleled durability and long-lasting performance
  • Adjustable design to fit different pot sizes effortlessly
  • Convenient drop lid design for easy use
  • Allows for creative and multi-function usage
  • Ensures even heat distribution for optimal cooking results
  • Perfect for steaming vegetables, seafood, dumplings, and more
  • Meticulously crafted with exceptional craftsmanship in Mainland China


Elevate your culinary experience with our innovative Expandable Steamer Basket. Made from premium stainless steel, this steamer basket offers unmatched durability and long-lasting performance. Its adjustable design allows it to effortlessly fit different pot sizes, making it the ultimate solution for all your cooking and steaming needs.

The convenient drop lid design and adjustable inner diameter of this silver steamer basket provide versatility and convenience in the kitchen. Prepare healthy meals in a flash by effortlessly steaming vegetables, seafood, or dumplings with precision. The expandable feature ensures compatibility with various pot sizes while maintaining optimal heat distribution for even cooking results.

Our Expandable Steamer Basket is crafted with meticulous attention to detail in Mainland China, known for its exceptional craftsmanship in culinary essentials. With its durable construction and long-lasting performance, this steamer basket is a reliable addition to your cookware collection.

Elevate your culinary experience today with this versatile kitchen tool that promises outstanding performance every time you use it.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Size: Adjustable 13cm/5in - 22.5cm/9in
  • Fit for: Cookware with inner diameter larger than 13cm/5in
  • Application: Kitchen
  • Type: Steamers
  • Style: Creative & Multi-function
  • Origin: Mainland China
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