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Electric Vegetable Slicer

Electric Vegetable Slicer

Multifunctional Electric Kitchen Vegetable Slicer. Household Shredded Potato Grater. Kitchen Appliances. Kitchen Tools & Utensils. Type: Kitchen Slicers. Brand: Blaupunkt


Product model: BP-QC01

Rated voltage: 220V~

Rated frequency: 80HZ

Power: 80W

Size: 183 × 324  × 127.5 mm

Type: Other

Brand name: Blaupunkt

Origin: Mainland China

Package includes:

1 pcs × Electric Kitchen Slicer


Fully automatic vegetable cutting with half the effort

1 second leisurely crumbled food prep

3 types of blades with various patterns

Direct and fast feeding of large diameter of 6.4 CM

One-button disassembly and cleaning of accessories is convenient and worry-free

The blade storage compartment is anti-loss and dust-free.


Automatically cut vegetables and put them in one press to prepare vegetables calmly.

Refuse to prepare vegetables in a hurry to eliminate the danger of hand injuries. No matter how urgent it is, you must be calm.

Quickly prepare vegetables in a second with no effort
The speed of the knife cylinder is 125 rpm, 250 rapid cuts in one minute to complete the preparation in seconds

The large diameter of 6.4 cm can calmly cope with the slicing and serving needs

One-button joystick control to start and stop at will. The elderly can easily handle it with a light touch.

All body accessories are removable and washable, and the grooves do not hide dirt.

The body is compact and does not take up space, making the kitchen more tidy.


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