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Electric Coffee Grinder with Versatile Grinding Options

Electric Coffee Grinder with Versatile Grinding Options

Electric Coffee Grinder

Experience the convenience and versatility of our multifunctional Electric Coffee Grinder, your essential household tool for perfectly grinding beans to achieve your desired level of freshness and flavor.

  • Revolutionizing the coffee grinding experience with its powerful and efficient powder mixing capabilities
  • Versatile functionality for grinding coarse beans, food beans, and medicinal materials
  • Precision grinding machine for a perfect cup of freshly ground coffee every time
  • Adjustable grinding degrees for customized fineness
  • Removable coffee tank for easy cleaning and maximum hygiene
  • Equipped with blade or burr grinders (conical or flat wheel) and operating at 200w
  • Durable and reliable, manufactured under meticulous quality control standards in mainland China

Enhance your coffee experience with the multifunctional Electric Coffee Grinder, offering superior quality and precision grinding options. Simplify your brewing process and elevate your coffee game with this essential household appliance.


  • Type: Coffee Grinders
  • Grinding degree adjustment
  • Removable coffee tank
  • Blade Coffee Grinders
  • Burr Grinders (Conical and Flat Wheel)
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Number of grinding levels: 1-3
  • Model Number: Y-YM3
  • Loading coffee beans: 90 gr or more
  • Housing Material: Stainless steel
  • Features: Thermos cup, Coarse Grains Grinder, Coffee Bean Grinder, Medicinal Herb Grinder, Chargeable, Coffee Cup
  • Certification: UL, RoHS, CE
  • Brand Name: ANMIR
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