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Egg Storage Box

Egg Storage Box

Efficiently organize your eggs with our innovative double-layer Egg Storage Container, featuring a stackable drawer box design in new Chinese style wood texture.

Introducing the Egg Storage Box, a versatile and practical solution for all your egg storage needs. This innovative product is designed to keep your eggs organized and easily accessible in your kitchen. Crafted with precision, this container features a double-layer design that ensures maximum efficiency in space utilization. Made from premium PET+PP materials, this sturdy egg crate guarantees excellent durability while maintaining an attractive wood texture finish. The new Chinese style of the box adds an elegant touch to your kitchen decor while ensuring optimal functionality. Available in pure colors of white, orange, and gray, this stackable holder allows seamless integration into any kitchen aesthetic. With a generous 18L capacity and no cover design, it offers ample room to store not only standard eggs but also larger duck eggs or even preserved eggs. Its anti-fall characteristics provide extra reassurance that your precious cargo will remain intact at all times. Additionally, the compartmentalized layout enables easy arrangement and retrieval of each individual egg without compromising on neatness or convenience. Manufactured by renowned experts in Taizhou on mainland China exclusively for domestic trade as well as foreign trade markets; this plastic refrigerator drawer box sets new industry standards for quality craftsmanship coupled with functional design principles. So upgrade your food storage game today with our reliable Egg Storage Box - the perfect addition to elevate organization within your kitchen space!

  • Enhanced Durability: Made from high-quality PET+PP materials, our Egg Storage Container is sturdy and anti-fall, protecting your eggs from accidental breakage
  • Space-saving Solution: With its stackable feature and no cover design, this Drawer Box maximizes storage capacity in your kitchen or refrigerator while keeping eggs easily accessible
  • Stylish Design Options: Choose from the elegant wood texture or pure color options (white, orange, gray) to add a touch of modernity with the New Chinese style to your kitchen decor

Egg Storage Container With Drawer Box. Double Layer Drawer Type Egg Crate Storage Container Plastic Refrigerator Anti-fall Egg Crate Stackable Holder for Kitchen

texture of wood: plastic

style: New Chinese style

pattern: pure colour

function: arrange

colour: White, orange, gray

Type: Storage Boxes & Bins

Trade attribute: Domestic trade and foreign trade

The specific material: PET+PP

The product category: Food storage box

Scope of application: Eggs, duck eggs, preserved eggs

Proportion of new plastic materials: 100% new material

Place of Origin: Taizhou

Origin: Mainland China

Commodity characteristics: No cover, superposition, with compartment

Capacity: 18L

Accommodation scene: Refrigerator, restaurant, kitchen

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