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3-Layer Refrigerator Egg Holder with Flip Storage Rack

3-Layer Refrigerator Egg Holder with Flip Storage Rack

Egg Storage Box

Efficiently store and protect your eggs with our innovative 3-layer refrigerator egg holder. Maximize space and keep your kitchen organized!

Introducing the Egg Storage Box, a 3-layer refrigerator egg holder designed to keep your eggs fresh and organized. With its unique flip egg storage rack and tray container, this space-saving organizer box is perfect for any kitchen case. Made from high-quality PET+PE material sourced from mainland China, this food storage solution is both durable and reliable. With a capacity to hold up to 30 eggs, it offers ample storage space while ensuring they remain intact during transportation. From its sturdy construction to its efficient design, the Liplasting brand guarantees top-notch kitchen organization with their innovative egg storage box. Don't miss out on this must-have item for all your food storage needs!

Key Features:

  • Efficient Kitchen Organization: The 3-layer refrigerator egg holder provides a space-saving solution for storing up to 30 eggs
  • Durable and High-Quality Material: Made from PET+PE, this flip egg storage rack ensures long-lasting use
  • Rotating Design: Good quality PS material with 3 Tiers of storage, easy foldable rotating design
  • Large Capacity: Large capacity of storage can store over 30 pcs of eggs
  • Space Saving: Easy rotatable design, space saving and easy usage for fridge holder
  • Time Scale Design: Timing time scale design to keep eggs fresh


  • Material: PET+PE
  • Suitable for: Storing eggs
  • Features: High quality, rotating design, large capacity, space saving, time scale design

Package Included:

1 pcs * Egg Storage Box