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Egg Storage Box

Egg Storage Box

Effortlessly organize your eggs with our innovative Egg Storage Box, keeping them fresh and ready to use in your refrigerator. With its large capacity and stackable design, this household essential is a must-have for any kitchen.

Introducing the revolutionary Egg Storage Box, a must-have refrigerator accessory for any modern household. Tired of struggling to organize your eggs? With its large capacity and innovative design, this egg holder is the perfect solution for all your food storage needs. Made from high-quality PP material in mainland China, this white, pink, blue or green kitchen organizer guarantees freshness like no other. Featuring a vent hole design and superimposed compartments with time stamps, our Egg Storage Box prevents egg deterioration by effectively regulating moisture and heat levels. Say goodbye to cracked eggs and hello to freshness every time you reach into your fridge! The drawer type feature ensures stackability while allowing you to pull-push smoothly without any hassle. Moreover, its anti-squeeze and anti-collision properties provide maximum protection for both your eggs and peace of mind. Rest assured knowing that our product is made from food-grade materials - ensuring safety for you and your loved ones. It's not just an ordinary storage box; it's a revolutionary device designed specifically with convenience in mind. With various size options available based on your preferences or quantity requirements - choose the one that suits you best! Don't settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to keeping your food fresh; trust in our Egg Storage Box with its built-in freshness mark system

  • Our innovative vent hole design and superimposed stackable feature prevent moisture and heat from deteriorating your eggs' quality
  • Say goodbye to the hassle of guessing freshness
  • Our time stamp feature ensures you always know when each egg was stored
  • Made with food-grade PP material, our modern egg storage box is anti-squeeze, anti-collision, and available in various stylish colors for any kitchen or dining space

1pcs Egg Storage Box Refrigerator Large Capacity Egg Holder Household Fresh Egg Storage Boxes Organizer. Kitchen & Dining. Food Storage. Food Storage Containers

unique design: Vent hole design Can be superimposed Comes with time stamp

Vent hole design: preventing egg deterioration from Moisture or heat

Style: Modern

Origin: Mainland China

Material: PP

Color: white, pink, blue, green

Applicable place: Refrigerator or cabinet

Advatage: Drawer type,stackable, Pull-push smoothly,anti-squeeze,anti-collision

Material: Food Grade PP

Color: white, pink, blue, green

Product weight: 380g

Quantity: 1PCS

Product size: 32cm/12.6"*21cm/8.3"*7.8cm/3.1"

Type: Food Storage Containers


100% guarantee:we will provide the best service and High-quality products for customers; if you have problems,we will assist you to solve it and provide Satisfactory service for you

Drawer shape egg storage box, dustproof and moistureproof, convenient to put eggs in and take eggs out ,Very practical for daily use,

Advatage: Drawer type,stackable, Pull-push smoothly,anti-squeeze,anti-collision

Freshness mark table-Remind you of the freshness of eggs,Record the number of days of keeping fresh by rotating the pointer 4 Vent hole design-preventing egg deterioration from Moisture or heat 5 Not afraid of low temperature, more fresh

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