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Double Layer Shoe Rack

Double Layer Shoe Rack

Experience premium organization with our innovative Double Layer Shoe Rack, crafted from durable materials for secure and adjustable storage. Optimize your space with its non-slip design and elegant organizer, reducing wear on your shoes. Its raised V-shaped design and protruding handle make it a must-have shoe holder.

Introducing our Double Layer Shoe Rack, a premium storage solution constructed with the highest quality materials to optimize space and keep your shoe collection secure. This adjustable storage shelf is designed to accommodate various shoe sizes and styles, making it a versatile addition to any closet or entryway. Its non-slip design ensures that your shoes stay in place even on slippery surfaces, providing you with peace of mind knowing that they will be kept safe and organized. Measuring L: 26 cm/10.24", W: 10 cm/3.94", H: 7 cm/2.76", this elegant organizer is made from durable plastic sourced from Mainland China, known for its exceptional craftsmanship. The raised design of the rack reduces wear on your shoes by preventing them from touching the ground directly while also allowing for proper ventilation to keep them fresh. With a protruding handle and V-shaped design, this shoe holder offers easy access to all your favorite footwear without compromising style or functionality. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our Double Layer Shoe Rack – an innovative solution that maximizes space while keeping your shoes organized in a sleek manner like never before!

  • The Double Layer Shoe Rack is made from premium materials, ensuring a secure and durable storage solution for your shoes
  • With its adjustable storage shelf, this elegant organiser optimizes space by allowing you to customize the height according to your needs
  • The non-slip design of the Double Layer Shoe Rack's plastic shoe holder reduces wear on your footwear while keeping them securely in place
  • Featuring a raised V-shaped design and protruding handle, this space-saving shoe hanger provides easy access and convenient storage for all types of shoes

Crafted from premium materials, our Double Layer Shoe Rack provides a secure, adjustable storage shelf ideal for optimizing space at home. Boasting a non-slip design, this elegant organiser ensures your shoes are safe and organised.

Item Name: Shoe Holder

Material: Plastic

Feature: Space Saving, Adjustable Height, Non-Slip

Size Details: L: 26cm/10.24", W: 10cm/3.94", H: 7cm/2.76" (Approx.)

Type: Shoe Hanger

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Plastic


The bottom has a raised design, which is non-slip and durable and reduces wear.

Protruding handle for easy access to shoes and V-shaped design for space-saving storage.

4 levels of adjustment to accommodate shoes of different heights. It can store shoes, slippers, high heels, running shoes and so on in an orderly way. Perfect for home use and keeping your shoe collection organized.

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