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Digital Dynamometer Instrument

Digital Dynamometer Instrument

Digital Dynamometer Instrument

The Digital Dynamometer Instrument is a portable and battery-powered tool designed specifically for the archery industry. Whether you're a professional archer or an enthusiastic hobbyist, this instrument is essential for measuring the strength and performance of your compound hunting bow.


  • Instantaneous Maximum Value: The dynamometer accurately records the maximum value of your bow's pulling force throughout the entire process, giving you valuable insights into your bow's performance.
  • Durable Construction: Made with a sturdy ABS and stainless steel shell, this instrument is built to withstand the demands of regular use in archery activities.
  • Easy-to-Read Display: The LCD display provides clear and easy-to-read measurements of your bow's pulling force in multiple units, including kilograms (KG), grams (g), pounds (lb), and ounces (oz). You can easily switch between units to suit your preferences.
  • Low Power Indicator: The instrument features a low power display (LO_) to let you know when it's time to replace the built-in CR2032 cell battery.
  • Overload Protection: The overload display (O_Ld) alerts you when the measured force exceeds the instrument's maximum capacity, ensuring safe and accurate measurements.
  • Compact and Portable: With dimensions of approximately 152x30x40mm, this instrument is conveniently sized for easy transport and storage.
  • Backlit Display: The LCD display is equipped with a blue or green backlight, allowing for clear visibility even in low light conditions.

Package includes: 1 pcs × Digital Dynamometer Instrument, 1 pcs × Manual

Origin: Mainland China

Brand Name: TONQUU

Age: Suitable for ages 8 and above

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