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Dc Energy-saving Air Circulation Portable Fan

Dc Energy-saving Air Circulation Portable Fan

Introducing the state-of-the-art DC Energy-saving Air Circulation Portable Fan, a household electric fan designed to provide silent and natural wind cooling. With its innovative features such as negative ion purification and water-shortage power-off protection, this floor fan from mainland China is at the forefront of home cooling technology. Experience the versatility of its rotation way, left & right remote control function, and AC power source for ultimate convenience. Discover the superior air supply mode offered by our renowned brand-name fan - a must-have installation for any home seeking efficient cooling

Introducing the DC Energy-saving Air Circulation Portable Fan - a revolutionary household electric fan that combines cutting-edge technology with unparalleled features. As the sweltering heat of summer takes hold, this remarkable device becomes an indispensable companion for those seeking respite from oppressive temperatures. Experience tranquility like never before as this silent operator emits gentle whispers while delivering powerful gusts of cooling air. But it doesn't stop there - this portable fan goes above and beyond by incorporating negative ion purification into its design, ensuring every breath taken in its presence is refreshingly clean and invigorating. Its versatility knows no bounds, effortlessly circulating natural winds regardless of whether it's placed on the floor or atop a sturdy surface. Safety is paramount, which is why this ingenious creation includes water-shortage power-off protection to prevent accidents during unexpected outages. Originating from Mainland China and boasting advanced engineering, this portable fan marries maximum power with energy efficiency seamlessly. Controlling it has never been easier thanks to an ergonomic remote control function that allows users to adjust settings effortlessly from anywhere within their living space. Rest assured knowing that you're making a wise investment supported by a reputable brand name recognized for years of proven excellence. From bedrooms to offices and even larger spaces like living rooms, enjoy the invigorating air supply mode offered by this exceptional appliance where no corner remains untouched thanks to its head shaking rotation capability. In conclusion, embrace ultimate comfort with the DC Energy-saving Air Circulation Portable Fan; where silent operation meets negative ion purification and water-shortage power-off protection for unrivaled relief from stifling temperatures. With origins rooted in Mainland China's manufacturing prowess and backed up by a respected brand name, make your life cooler today!

  • Enhance your home's air quality with the DC Energy-saving Air Circulation Portable Fan's silent negative ion purification technology
  • Stay cool and refreshed in any room of your house with this lightweight and portable floor fan, delivering a natural wind-like breeze
  • Ensure safe operation during power outages or water shortages with the innovative water-shortage power-off protection feature of this fan
  • Experience convenience at your fingertips with the remote control function that allows you to adjust fan speed and rotation way effortlessly

Dc Energy-saving Air Circulation Portable Fan Household Electric Fans Energy-saving Silent Negative Ion Purification Floor Fan

Wind Type: Natural Wind

Water-shortage Power-off Protection: Yes

Voltage (V): 220V

Usage: Home

Type: Cooling Only

Timing Function: No Timing

Technology: Other

Rotation Way: Left & Right

Remote Control Function: Yes

Power Source: AC

Power (W): 24W

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: FA18-RD65

Max. Power: 20-69W

Installation: Floor

Feature 3: Floor Fan

Feature 2: Electric Fans

Feature 1: Portable Fan

Fan Speed: >Fourth Gear

Controlling Mode: Remote Controlled

Brand Name: FGHGF

Application: <10㎡

Air supply mode: Head Shaking